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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex, you are four months old...

Hello my little fella,

You are four whole months old, seriously I wish time would just slow down. Those past 4 months have just disappeared, don't get me wrong I have loved spending them with you but it has just gone so quickly! 

In my last letter to you I mentioned how you were no longer all ravelled up and well now you are almost like a real little boy rather than teeny baby. You're still little and cute and we still get cooed over when we go out and about but you are so... full! A real little chubba of a baby, the rolls are coming on your legs and your little tummy sits like a Buddhas when you sit up and I absolutely love it! 

you are four months old

I am back to work in 2 weeks which makes me feel so sad but you will be in the best hands possible, your Dads. I don't really want to go back if we are honest but I will be back off before you know it and I hopefully won't be too far from you anyway most of the time. 

You have developed such a character now and you are still so smiley, it is very rare for you to  get sad. You are a delightful little baby! 

You can roll all over the place but do get frustrated when you roll over on to your tummy, no idea why because I roll you back and then off you roll again. You funny little thing, why would you do that?

You had your last set of immunisations this week and that is the only time you really get so sad and emotional. At the time you stick that little lip out and get a few tears but it is later that evening when you get so sad and just don't know what to do with yourself. Luckily after about half an hour of trying to soothe you, you gave in and just flopped for a few hours. Thankfully we do have any more for along time now, phew! They're for your own good though little one, we wouldn't want any of those nasty diseases would we. We are very lucky to be able to protect you. 

One thing we are struggling to protect you from is the rough and tumble of your sister. Daisy is 2 and as all toddlers are she is a little unpredictable, fast as lightening and well a little rough. Generally she is so gentle with you and couldn't love you more but at times when she isn't focusing on you but other things around her she can come a little too close and well this week you had your first headbutt! It took you by surprise a little but you love her so much that you didn't mind too much! You really do follow her around the room with your big blue eyes and smile every time you catch her eye! She is the one who can get some real good belly laughs from you! 

You are starting to get very dribbly and your hands are always forced into your mouth which tells me that either maybe you are teething or that you just like to eat your hands, who knows. 

You are hopefully going to get into your own big boys cot this coming week, we are just waiting on Daisy's new big girls bed to arrive (God help us!) and then it is all yours! You are well over due to get into it really, I am surprised that you aren't crawling out of your basket!! But you look so snug and well I am happy to have you next to me at night, even if you do wake up far too often for my liking! 

You are waking up every 3 hours ish at the moment which is taking its toll if I am honest BUT I know this phase doesn't last forever and I will just make the most of those times and cuddles when it is just me and you awake and it is all dark and quiet in the house. I feel like I have you to myself at those times, even if I do get a little cross at times if you do it too often! 

Your hair has started to come back through now and it looks to be pretty dark and with a slight wave in it. Your skin is still beautiful olive and so soft! 

We hope to go on holiday next week, your first time abroad! So maybe in our next letter I can show you some of your first holiday photos!

Until next time baby boy, 
Muma xx

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