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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Daisy & Alex... (The Big Return To Work)

Well my little cherubs it is now time for Mumma to go back to work and earn some pennies.

Maternity leave

I am not looking forward to it and believe me when I say even though I find some days with you slightly challenging that I would MUCH prefer to be home with you both. But I do have to go back at some point and although it may seem early the longer I leave it the harder it will be to detach myself from being a stay at home mummy.

It won't be long until I am off for a while again with you, this 7/8 weeks back in the working world should just give me time to get a taste for being back properly so it isn't such a shock in the new year, find out what has been happening while I have been gone and well give you some time with Daddy.

I have a sense of guilt that I haven't done enough with you while I was off but no matter what you do you will always have this feeling I am sure. We have had some lovely trips away, holidays, camping, park trips, swimming and lots and lots of cuddles. I feel guilty I never took you to classes Alex, like I did with Daisy but sadly the baby massage course I was waiting on didn't get its act together as quickly as it needed to and well we were busy entertaining Daisy too when she was with us, which is all the entertainment you need too I am sure!

And Daisy well I hoped to have you dry by now, no more soggy nappies for you to contend with but as much as we have tried we just haven't cracked it yet. There is no pressure though, it will come. Or so I am told anyway. We will do it I am sure, in your own time. We will keep plodding on through the puddles and one day you will be a pro I am certain.

I feel that I haven't sat back and absorbed the time with you both quite as much as I should have, as much as I promised I would. I know time flies by with newborns after Daisy's first few months whizzed by the first time, but somehow it seems to have gone by even quicker this time. We have had lazy mornings in bed and snuggles on the sofa but the afternoon naps together and slow days have been limited, if I could have slowed down time I really would. I would re-live this past few months over and over just like I would with yours Daisy.

I won't be any less of a Mumma to either of you while  I am work and you will always come first, never forget that.

Mumma xxx

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