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Toddlers & Their Fussy Eating #MamiaDaysOut

Daisy loves nothing more than a picnic lunch or tea, when the weather is nice enough I try to get us out having our meals as often as I can. She always eats better when she is happy and without too many distractions like her toys and sadly the TV.

Although Daisy does enjoy to eat when she fancies she also has a really fussy, limited diet. We are making progress over the past month or so but still she likes very bland, white/ beige foods which is so frustrating because as a baby she would eat anything!

toddlers fussy eating

toddlers fussy eating

She does love fruit and often raids the fruit bowl and more often than not would choose fruit over most things but vegetables are a different story altogether.

I still buy a lot of fruit pouches which are great for weaning but in our case good for healthy, no mess snacks. As well as being full of the vegetables and fruit which is good for them, the vegetables are very welcome in our house! I pop a few in the fridge at a time (they don't need to be kept in there but I think they make a nice cool snack) and can grab one when ever we need them. I quite often grab one for after swimming or for a car journey as they don't make any mess!

We go on holiday next week and again one of the only things (food wise) that I will pack in our case is some pouches but also some of the rice cakes just so I can be assured that we are getting some vitamins in her when we are away but also because they're such easy things for her to grab when she is on the go tearing about the beach!

We have always bought Mamia ones from Aldi as we do shop them when we can and they're much cheaper than their branded alternative. We were recently sent a lovely hamper with a few in and with some new flavours which we were happy to try out. Thankfully there isn't a pouch we have tried that Daisy isn't a fan of!

I should point out that all of the snacks by Mamia are 100% organic which is always reassuring. I will be picking up some of the fruit pots for Alex in a few months too when he is all set for weaning!

toddlers fussy eating

Hayley x

*PR collaboration with BritMums. All opinions are our own and although we do buy these for yourself we were gifted some samples to try and share with you. 

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