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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Big Changes: Starting Nursery

I honestly can't believe I am even writing this post. To even start to consider that Alex will be starting nursery anytime in the near future makes my stomach feel swishy swashy, a little empty but yuck at the same time. He is only a baby, my littlest baby. 

It's not the idea of nursery that makes my heart heavy and my tummy drop because of course I've been there and done that with Daisy, I know he will be safe, looked after and have fun. But it's the fact he's having to go, he's ready to go and well I won't be the one spending all day every day with him. I'm a little embarrassed to say but the sick feeling is a bit of jealousy. But it's natural, or I felt the same with Daisy at least. I still do sometimes, they are after all MY mini little people. 


But I know all too well that nursery and social situations like that does them the world of good. They can give them skills that I perhaps can't and offer them experiences that I simply couldn't, well not unless I had 10 children for them to have to mix with, share with and well learn to create relationships with. 

So the settling in sessions are planned in and the big start date is in the near future and so until then it's just to make the most of my boy and the times we have with Daisy too before I return to work. I'm lucky in that I work 4 days and actually some of the time I work from home, but that doesn't mean it's no different. Being stuck in the routine of work, nursery, classes means that we don't get much of the slow time together. And although sometimes those hours can feel like weeks when they are tired, don't want to nap or when Daisy has a "toddler moment" it doesn't mean I don't saviour them, I know they're hard to come by when I'm back at work. There are more chores to squeeze in, more errands to fit in on the days I'm home and well everything is just more rushed.

I digress; so I know Alex will settle well into nursery as he is comfortable with people, he is nosey and enquisitive and loves to watch other children. The one thing I'm really hoping though is that it doesn't make him grow up too quick. He is already crawling at super speed (kind of), babbling away , attempting to climb and eating us out of house and home and so I can't imagine what it will be like once he sees other small people toddling, climbing and chatting... 

I guess it's just the next big thing for him, the next milestone...

I just wish they wouldn't come around so soon. 

Hayley x

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