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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex, I'm sorry...

I'm sorry that I have missed the last couple of monthly updates but well things just got a little chaotic and I somehow lost my mojo with these kind of posts.

You are now 7 months old and my god you've changed over the last few weeks. Your hair has grown long and fluffy, sticking up at the top like a little cockatoo. When it's been washed it's so light and static. Your eyes are still so blue and your complexion much darker than Daisy's. 

You have always had a cute little character but now you're such a strong minded chap and well you're a tad bossy. You're incredibly loud at times which has come as a surprise because you've always been so placid. But if I'm honest you really just don't relax, always on the look out for things to explore and the next thing to master.

I'm not saying you don't like a cuddle because you really do when it suits you, you're so squishy, a little gooly as my dad, your granddad would say. But again being honest you leave me a little agitated at times when you just won't let me soothe you, feed or snuggle you. You would rather not sleep if you can help it and well it just annoys you when we try. I only want to help you little man. I know these phases come and go though so don't worry. 

I'm sorry that sometimes my patience runs thin and that sometimes I just leave you in your cot to fight yourself rather than me. But it can sometimes be like wresting a wet, slippery fish trying to get you to nap, a very loud one at that. And well there is only so much wrestling I can do before it becomes frustrating and I start to lose my patience a little. Usually after 5/10 minutes of getting cross with yourself you'll allow us to cuddle and rock you and you just drop off within seconds, I think you are trying to be as independent as you can be. But remember you're only 7 months old, just relax little one. 

Your weaning is going well, you enjoy your food and feeding you is no problem. You will happily be spoon fed or feed yourself bits and bobs. Your gag reflex is still quite heightened but as long as you have the baby led things first then you do well, otherwise you throw up everything else you've eaten. We have to get the timing right at meal times. There isn't much you don't like, in fact I don't think there is anything really. Which makes me so happy, your sister is a ratbag with food. 

You are pretty much crawling now, this last few days you have actually gone forwards and worked out that your legs and arms can both go together. It won't be long and you'll be chasing Dausy and Bobby around the house. We go on a little break with our friends in a few weeks to the seaside and I expect you'll be well away by then so that may be interesting! 

You had a lovely first Christmas this past week or so, you slept quite a bit of it and were usually just taking it all in. Next year is when the fun really starts! 

Your next months update may be a little different as next week you start your settling in sessions at nursery. This make Muma's heart feel heavy, how can you possibly be anywhere near ready for nursery? But sadly I have to go back to work at some point and well I guess that time is fast approaching us. I know you'll have no trouble there, your sister loves it and you're pretty comfortable with other people so I have no worries on that front. I will just miss you that's all. 

Muma xxx


  1. Oh good luck with the settling in sessions. Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT 🌟

  2. Oh honey don't feel bad, it is a hard job, sometimes we are doing all we can to function let alone keep baby updates going. He is adorable! #eatsleepblogRT