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The Medela Swing Versus Manual Pump

Breastfeeding – lots of people say it’s the most natural thing in the world, but do you know what, it really isn't to some people. As in it doesn't come easy. It’s understandable to feel nervous about it if you’ve never done it before. And actually expressing made me feel more nervous than actually breastfeeding weirdly. I thought I would talk about what I used in case it is of any use to anybody else, this is in no way sponsored.

The Medela Swing Versus Manual Pump

Breast pumps aren’t the easiest products to try before you buy and actually it's not something you can see much of when they're sat in the box on the shelf, but you might be able to borrow a friend’s or at least have a look at one before you can buy one. If not just have a good old research into posts online, which have a good guide too actually.

So my experiences; I had a hand held Tommee Tippee pump off my sister before I decided I couldn't cope with it, was getting stressed and caved in and bought a Medela Swing one crazy afternoon. All on the recommendation of my friend who had got one and found it much easier to use. I was surprised how much these things cost, I was a bit naive and hadn't really looked into it until a mad dash to boots that one day when I was at my whits end!

I found the Tommee Tippee difficult to attach and get the suction cup on properly, and as a result would only get an ounce or so off each breast. I just found the whole process really awkward and uncomfortable, I think the pumping with my hand bit just made it feel really uncomfortable. I know it is completely natural but personally that is how I honestly felt.

The Swing has lots of pieces, be prepared for tricky cleaning and putting it together being a little awkward but honestly once I had it up and running I found it so much easier and actually expressing wasn't such a chore. I should say that breastfeeding came relatively easily to me and so expressing was for when I returned to work and went out, I am not sure how easy I would find expressing if I had to do it full time.

Once you have taken it apart a few times to wash though it gets easier and actually isn't as complicated as it looks in the first instance!

I was able to get at least 5 ounces off each breast most of the time which was plenty for a feed.

It is a little noisy but it works much harder than you could with your hand and I found the cup much easier to attach too. You can adjust the suction strength by simply pressing a but to to make expressing milk as comfortable as possible for you, which I found really helpful. Especially when I was using the pump as a bit of a "rest" for feeding baby myself when they were a little sore at times. Both of my babies have been a little "rough" in the early days.

I also loved how you could run it without being plugged into mains electric, it takes battery's. The suction pressure isn't quite as good but it was effective enough to stock the engorgement I had when I was working and that was good enough for me!

I would say though that not everyone has the same luck with either expressing or breastfeeding and you just have to find what works best for you.

Hayley x

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