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Travel plans 2017

It will come as no surprise to you that as a family we love to travel and get out there. It doesn't have to be abroad to anywhere fancy, to me travel could be to a local beach for the weekend for camping. To me it's getting away from the norm, the daily grinds of routine and home life. I love my home life don't get me wrong but I just think you get to spend quality time together when you're away and sharing those experiences and making memories is something I want to do more and more of. 

Both my husband and I both have the same outlook, lets go more, let's get away as often as we can. Responsibilities and finance permitting, it's always money huh! 

So for this year we are aiming to get away at least every 3 months, Ben thinks monthly is realistic but I'm not so sure. Obviously in the summer we will be doing our camping trips again so we should be going more often then but in these chilly months I'm not so sure. 

We have started the year well and have some plans already. So this month we are off to Snowdonia in a cottage with friends for Ben's birthday pressie and then next month Ben and I are off to London to do something we've not done in a really long time, go to a see show and we'll go away for the night just the two of us. 

In the summer we have a big family holiday booked in to go to Cyprus, staying in villas again, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Villa life is the best way to do a summer holiday in my opinion with children. I did a post on it here

We have lots of exciting ideas and plans we want to look into so watch this space! I am actually really intrigued by ski holidays, having never been on a snowy holiday before I'm really excited to look into it, possibly for the end of the year or next year. 

For now some of my favourite travel memories from last year...










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