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Childs Farm - The Cure for Eczema?

Eczema is a pain. A real pain, quite literally in some instances. As a mother of 2 this is the second time I have come across it, strangely this second time around it is my eldest and she has suddenly been hit by it at the age of 4, so odd but I don't think it cares who it hits! Thankfully I have been here and done this with my littlest who had it from very early on. I should say his was very mild and easily controlled.

cure for eczema

I also have struggled in the past and it has kind of been a bit trial and error to see what works for me. I have only ever had it on my hands in the winter thankfully, but from steroid creams to emollient moisturisers, those with eczema will know how difficult it is to find a cream that works for them.

Daisy's doesn't appear to be causing her too much trouble but it isn't all that pretty to look at and looks as if it could get a lot worse very quickly if not controlled. With Alex we had prescription creams and they seemed to do the trick but I also wiped out all perfumed bath products etc at the same time too and stuck to the prescriptions and some natural oat bath additives.

childs farm a cure for excema?

I have used Childs Farm before for the bath, the tangerine smell is absolutely divine and it still creates bubbles which is a big win in this household. I thought I would give you a Childs Farm review in case you too are struggling with what products to be using with your little children with skin conditions or maybe you just want to step closer to more natural, gentle products?

I did a review on this back at the start of last year but wanted to do an updated version as a lot may have changed since then.  I was recommended Childs Farm by a few people when I had Daisy and I have actually tried it before when Daisy was a baby. I remember liking it but thinking was it really worth the hefty price tag back then. As a bit of perspective Daisy has always had skin with no complaints so sticking to the usual every day named brands wasn't an issue. Where as now the likes of a Johnson's bubble bath just won't work for either of my children, leaving them scaly and itchy.

So now I am not censoring all of the products that Alex has to use but this has moved on to Daisy now. Both of my children LOVE bubbles and you can see the disappointment on their faces when they have to have perhaps a "milky" bath rather than a bubbly one if for example I use an oat based bath milk or god forbid just a natural water bath with no additives. This product really is what we need to use.

We were lent the moisturizer by a friend to try out before going ahead and purchasing it ourselves and it really has done the trick in clearing up most of Daisy's rash. It does still appear if she swims for example of is in contact with something harsher like perhaps a bath bomb but this really does clear it up fairly quickly. This is really pleasing as the less I have to use prescribed medicines/ creams for Daisy the better. It is fairly expensive in comparison to some other alternative products out there but in mind it is 100% worth it.

I would love to give some of the other products a go but for now I am on my no spend January - perhaps later in the year you will hear more.

childs farm review

Hayley x