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A Cure For Eczema In Babies? Childs Farm Review

I have mentioned before on here and my social media how Alex has always had slightly dry, sore from time to time skin. We have been prescribed various lotions and potions by the doctors, most of which do seem to help his skin out. However I do like to try and find more natural, luxurious (not quite the word I am looking for, but you know a nice smell rather than chemically), fun products for him.

Products he can share with his sister. So for his bath he has been prescribed oils and emollients that although they leave his skin feeling smooth and moisturised they leave the bath more slimy, milky and most importantly (for my children's fun rather than skin!) with no bubbles. Both of my children LOVE bubbles and you can see the disappointment on their faces when they have to have "milky" bath rather than a bubbly one.

johnsons versus childs farm

I was recommended Childs Farm by a few people and I have actually tried it before when Daisy was a baby. I remember liking it but thinking was it really worth the hefty price tag back then. As a bit of perspective Daisy has always had skin with no complaints so sticking to the usual every day named brands wasn't an issue. Where as the likes of a Johnson's bubble bath just doesn't do Alex any favours and can leave him a little dry and itchy. 

I spotted this bubble bath when doing my shop in Boots a few weeks ago and thought I would give it a go, I had forgotten about the brand actually so was pleased to have been reminded about it. I immediately popped open the lid to smell it, it really is the smell of the more medical products that really turn me off them. This though smell AMAZING! Tangerines, it just smelt good enough to eat. I should say that this post is in no way sponsored or gifted, I just wanted to share what I had found and my thoughts. But yep I could have had a sip from the bottle it smelt so good, I obviously didn't though!

But I thought the test really was in the bath time itself. It produced lovely bubbles, perhaps not as bubbly as some brands but enough to keep my babies happy. And the smell left the upstairs of the house smelling beautiful for ages! Alex's skin has been great since using it, although I am continuing to use his Cetraben and other creams when  needed so I can't put it all down to the bubble bath. 

I would love to try some of the other products from the range but it is just getting my hands on them that I struggle with. I don't tend to wander about the stores so spotting it isn't at the forefront of my mind. But I really do need to go and seek more out. I notice when looking up more about the brand that they do suncare products which may be a good place for me to start! 

A little quote from their website " We only use the best, naturally derived ingredients & fresh smelling essential oils to make mild, kind and safe products for babies and children. 
We believe that every child should feel happy in their skin – even it’s sensitive or eczema prone – so all our products are suitable for everyone even newborn babies. We call this our Happy Skin Promise™"

A Cure For Eczema In Babies? Childs Farm Review

Which products, if any, have you tried?

Hayley x

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