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The little things in life.. A changing body #1

So I've moaned and groaned enough about the stretch marks war and the way in which you seem to lose control over things such as your every growing, protruding tummy. I've also mentioned in previous posts products that I have been using as weapons of prevention, or at least with the hope of preventing or at least minimising the damage.

I have had some new products to try this week including a brand I have never used before, Maison d'Anu. I looked up some more info on the brand and their key aim is to provide natural, non-toxic products to harmonise your natural balance. On first glance the products look smart, glossy and top end in this market. I was lucky to be able to try three of the products; Prevent (stretch mark lotion) RRP £22, Rescue Ginger (anti nausea pressure point roll on and also the peppermint version RRP £8.

First up the Prevent lotion. I love this packaging, and the pump top is so useful! Some creams can get so messy and you can often end up with too much cream, but this design will not allow that. Before I used it I looked at the ingredients, I don't usually do this but since being pregnant I tend to be quite obsessive about what I'm putting on my skin. I was quite shocked to see the ingredient "cetearyl alcohol" , straight away I thought eurgh.. No thank you, alcohol on sensitive, over stretched skin, I don't fancy being tortured!!! I guess I was surprised too to see an alcohol based ingredient when the tag line of d'Anu is how natural they are! Well.. How wrong was I?! I looked it up and it turns out it's a completely safe ingredient made from coconut oil! So on to trying it out....

The first thing I noticed when squirting onto my palm ready for my swollen tummy was the smell!!!! It smelt like I was at a spa, amazing! Completely different to any of the other creams I've been using which all seem to smell of coconut or cocoa. I think it's the ylang ylang oil, I absolutely love it! When I put it on to my skin it was absorbed quickly and felt lovely and smooth. It's a product I will keep using as I do really like the texture and smell, but my only worry is that its quite strong and if used in the day it could mix with your perfumes and be a bit potent, but that's just a watch out!

So the rescue oils... I must admit when I saw that the one was ginger I felt myself turn a little green! Since all the sickness I have had over the last few months sometimes the smell can really turn me away from ginger! But... I did try it and actually I prefer it to the peppermint variety. It's really subtle and sweet , I only wish I'd known about these products when I was at my worst. These are a definite for my handbag and then onto !y hospital bag, for those moments I need some relief. Really easy and no fuss, just roll onto your pressure points, no mess!

Overall I like these products and would happily continue to use and recommend to others.

The other product this week is the Palmer's Tummy Butter for stretch marks. I have been using the standard, original product which is more of a cream than a butter. This is a harder butter which melts into your skin, little more hassle to apply as it can be quite hard in the tin but it left my skin so moist it felt freshly buttered the next morning!!

All in all a good week for skin products, and the battle of the stretch marks continues.....

Lots of love,
Hayley xxxx

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