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The little things in life... What I have been loving this week

So this week has been a tough one at work and I need to relax a little.. I thought maybe lazing in bed writing this may just help. I've tried a walk and baking today but I still feel uptight and grumpy so this is a last resort before an early night. Usually baking does the trick but my Creme Egg brownies look a bit of a flop, miffed off! I'm usually not too bad at baking, maybe I've lost my touch!! I think I'm just worn out after a long week, I've driven something close to 1200 miles in 3 days and I'm starting to think it's not ideal when 28 weeks pregnant. Anyway, this isn't all that positive is it and this is all about what I have been loving and not what has been infuriating me!

Bit of a mixed post today, some beauty and some lifestyle;

Firstly I have been loving the Barry M new glitter polishes, OK so they have been out a while and I am a little late to catch on but I have been in love with the Jelly polishes the last few months or so. I'm not usually very blingy and the only sparkle really that I behave like a magpie around are diamonds, but I saw these on line and had to try one out even if it was just for a statement nail. I chose the pink glitter shade and I wasn't disappointed! The only issue I find is that it takes a few coats to get good coverage but I've never known a polish dry so fast, all good. 

The other beauty item I've been in love with is the pure coconut oil that I mentioned on my "pre-baby holiday" post. I have had such a down week about my skin and really on the warpath to fight any potential stretch marks, I don't think I have new ones (yet!) But my old silvered lines are more noticeable to me now, probably because I'm looking so hard. So in the battle of the marks I have continued to use Palmer's Cocoa Butter and Soap & Glory Righteous body butter but to top it off I have taken the oil usage up a notch! I mentioned before it's a pain because it goes solid and you have to warm it to use, but if it helps at all I'm willing to do a little work even if it means getting the hair dryer out on it!! I was doing some reading up this week and lots of sources say coconut oil and almond oil really are the most highly recommended, jam packed with vitamin E. Of course you want the natural form though if you want to give it a good go! This shows how it looks before and after heating, difficult to capture but I've give it a go! 

The other things quite high on my like list and my agenda this week have been (and still is) getting a jobs list sorted to get our home finished and perfect . When we bought our house it was a 100% renovation job but worth it as its all our own now. However we did most of the big tasks and the main rooms are done and just how we want them but we haven't done too much recently to finish off! So this week we have had the carpet finished on the stairs and landing, it now looks almost complete! Sad but I love it! There are a few other bits that need doing but are all too petty to mention! Except the babies room of course, which I'm pleased to say is in progress. We have cleared the room now ready to start putting cot etc in and deciding what other furniture we need to source. I tend to dig around for old pieces of furniture and upscale to keep in with the rest of the house, I always enjoy this bit! This is one of my dressers in the kitchen. Its something I found on gumtree at a bargain price and then revamped using Annie Sloan Old Ochre chalk paint. 

I am starting to get restless with the house a little as we have 12 weeks until our due date, if she comes a little early then that leaves us around 10 weeks, well weekends really to be realistic! Eeeek! And even then we have some pretty busy weekends coming up with birthdays, anniversaries etc - best get cracking with this list!! 

Lots of love, 

Hayley xxx

All photographs are my own and I own the copyright at all times


  1. Love the dresser! My sister in law recently bought the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and it looks fab! xxx

    1. It's amazing! I have used a few colours in our house, although it may seem on the expensive side it's surprising what it covers! I usually get two pieces of furniture out of one tin! X