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The little things... Soak your troubles away with bubbles

It's Sunday again, how did that happen? They always come around so fast and before I know it I'm back at my laptop or on the road working on a Monday morning. I like to make the most of a Sunday, usually I don't plan on doing much except spending time at home with my family and the dog, tinkering around the house and generally being quite lazy. That's what's Sundays are for!

I always ensure I spend time on a Sunday at some point to have a nice, long soak in the bath and to enjoy a bit of me time and pampering. I usually do things such as hair and face masks, have a good body exfoliation scrub, basically a pampering session. I must admit I'm not very loyal when it comes to bath products, I am a bit of a magpie and love looking for new products to try, especially when it comes to bath bombs and bubbles. Although Lush is a favourite of mine, just walking around there makes me smile especially coming out of there with something new every time, so much choice!

For my birthday the lovely people at work gave me a lovely gift box of cocoa and Shea butter melts for the bath. How cute are they?! They're like mini cupcakes and the girly girl in me loves the sparkle and tiny, unique decoration on each one! I wish I could share the smell with you, they smell good enough to eat!! What's even better about these is the key ingredients are perfect for moisturising skin that needs some TLC, perfect for pregnancy! 

They are from Honeyz in Whitby, although it's a long way to go for a bath bomb you can shop online. When I was in Whitby last week I had a good look around, I have been before but they often have new things to look at in there. I often come away with a treat and this time it was a pretty heart shaped soap and some mini bath Fizzers. I think they are really reasonably priced, sometimes I can begrudge paying too much for something you can only use once and then is washed away down the plughole!

Today we have friends over for dinner, but later on I will definitely be having a soak, easing these third trimester aches and pains and ensuring my skin gets a good looking after. 

First though I need to do some tidying, I did it yesterday and I always wonder how did it end up like this again?! I spent all day yesterday putting up curtains, hoovering, throwing clutter away and trying to sort out baby things. I think I deserve an extra long soak today! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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