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The little things in life... {Pbloggers Guest Post} Me? A parent?

Pbbloggers were looking for posts regarding being a parent, I know I am not a parent yet (I am sure having a dog doesn't count even if I do mother him!) but they thought it may be nice to share my thoughts on becoming a parent for the first time.

You can find them on these links below:

A parent, it sounds quite frightening yet so simple? I looked up the definition and it basically says "a persons mother or father", that doesn't sound too difficult! But when you really think about it there is a lot it could mean. And that is the scary bit.

The first thing that comes to my mind is love. And I am certain my daughter will have all the love she could possibly need from me and Ben, and well she is being born into such a loving family that this part isn't a worry to me at all! 

The biggest fear I have is the responsibility that comes with being a parent. It'll never go away and that little person will one day be big and still depend on you, but I know the satisfaction you will get back just makes it all worthwhile. I've no idea what it will be like having someone depend on me completely but Its something I will learn and can't wait to!  I know there will be hard times and I'm sure I'll want to run away at times, but I do that now so whats the difference? One thing I am not daft to think is that there is a right and a wrong way of parenting, you surely build up your own style that suits you? 

A key thing for me will be to take the advice I want to use and ignore the rest, there is so much around in books, online and being kindly offered by those people around you. The secret will be to remember they mean well but that you don't have to use it all! I have learnt to do this in my working life, not sure it'll be the same personally but I'll give it a flipping good go! 

I read in my Prima Baby magazine this week that you should follow your instincts and trust that they are right! We shall see how that pans out! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xx

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