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The little things in life... Our Mamma Mia wedding #3

The final instalment.. I never expected to write 3 posts on our wedding when I first thought about it but hey ho! Why not?! 

So in the last post I covered speeches and cutting the cake on the garden terrace and then how we went up to the Bedouin style top terrace at the Melenos for the wedding breakfast looking out over the bay of Lindos. I LOVE this place. It will always be so special to me and I just get that overwhelming feeling when I look back at it and when I think about the day and the day after having breakfast with my husband, eek! It took some time to get used to that word!!! 

The meal was a Greek meze and the food just kept coming, just when you think you had finished the meal another plate would be served. We really wanted our guests to experience it all so we made sure this is was the area we really went all out, alongside the photography package. 

The terrace didn't need much accessorising, I think the surroundings are beautiful enough, I mean what could be more romantic than the sun setting whilst eating with all your favourite people, with dolphins leaping down below in the bay? 

I did opt for a few little lanterns, some sparkly mini stones to add a bit of a glitz, the odd vintage touch such as the Mr & Mr's bunting and the luggage tags as name place cards! I love anything vintage and "shabby" so really wanted to incorporate it subtly where I could. Things such as my flowers, the decor, my accessories etc. 

At the venue where we had our meal etc we could only have toned down, subtle music which was fine with us, anything more would have ruined the atmosphere and feel of the place. So after the sun had gone down and we had finished the thousands of courses we headed down the cobbled streets to a little private venue for dancing! Some of this venue is open air and Is so traditionally beautiful! I added some fairy lights to it and the lanterns were brought from the Melenos to here to be used again. 

Choosing our first dance was so difficult! We didn't want anything too modern but nothing too old either, and obviously a song we both liked and meant something. We went for a Savage Garden track in the end.

I love this photo of me and one of my closest friends airing our legs at the end of the night!!!

So that was the day pretty much! There is lots more in between but I could be here all year telling you! If you want to know anymore about the day, Rhodes or getting married abroad just ask away, I love yabbering about it! 

A few more of my favourite photos: 

Lots of love, 

Hayley xx

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