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The little things in life... 30 week update

Well here we, pretty close to week 30. 1 day away to be precise! How did that happen so fast?!

So.. I am now feeling rather large and heavy. My bump is solid and there is no way around it, so to speak!! Simple tasks I have taken for granted like shaving my legs, putting my shoes and socks on and getting out of the bath have become near on impossible. That last sentence actually makes me cringe, I should NOT be shaving! I have been converted to a more natural way of hair removal; sugaring. Otherwise known as Arab waxing. It's often thought of as waxing, but actually its completely different especially in the pain stakes!

A sugar substrate is applied to the hair but not to the skin (that's the difference that as a result causes less pain to wax) and then basically its pulled off to remove the hair. Sounds easy doesn't it! I'm not so sure about that bit but it's pretty quick to have done! It's good for sensitive skin and I've never been left with a rash, irritation etc. The other bit that I have grown to like is that you don't actually have to grow your hair that long! Not as long as I have known people have to grow it for waxing anyway.

Anyway I've gone off on a tangent again, but what I was trying to say is I really think I should get myself booked in and let someone else help me out! So the answer to my friend who I had a very detailed discussion with this week I think would be trim, trim, trim!!!! (Sorry if its too much info for some of you!! But I did promise to be honest!) 

Back to my pregnancy update: I always thought as I got further into pregnancy that movement would slow down in the third trimester, surely my poor baby is restricted with space? Well... No this hasn't happened, the movements just feel more sharp and intrusive somehow. I still sit and watch my tummy waving and poking around, which I do love to do and I am sure I will miss one day. 

 We had a scan this week and as I expected from the feeling of her hiccuping she is now head down. When I last saw the midwife my tummy was measuring slightly over, however the scan showed she was perfectly on track. I was starting to worry I was cooking up a baby hippo!

On Friday just gone I had my first Lazy Daisy birthing class. For those of you that have never heard of it I have linked it for you. I said in a previous post I wasn't sure how I would feel in these classes and I was a little worried that I'd feel awkward and slightly out of place and that perhaps it may be a little too "hippy" for me. I went open minded and willing to try and get into it, it felt strange at first but after a little while I relaxed and enjoyed it overall. We learnt some breathing techniques as well as some gentle movements, mainly the idea being to open yourself up to make room for baby not only during labour but also during pregnancy. 

This is so useful as I all of a sudden have two tiny feet in my right ribs at all times! Nice little footrest hey! Although u was sceptical I have already taken bits away from the first class on how to open up and balance my posture. Not easy to apply when I'm driving all day for my job but good to use when I can especially when trying to relax in an evening. I will do a post on just this next week once I've had another class and know a little more. 

This is bump this week, making sure she's seen that's for sure! I'll be 30 weeks in a few days, I can't believe it!

What else is new this week? Well I have actually ordered our travel system- finally! Just got to hope it arrives now before baby does! 

I am currently reading into water and home births, how nerve wracking! I will let you know what my initial thoughts are next time I post but all I can say for now is eeeeek! 
Lots of love,
Hayley xxx 

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