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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

* 2COZZE Thermal wear and lounging around with Daisy

I was sent this 2COZZE thermal set just before I had Daisy to try out and review for eCornerShop. obviously with having a new little bambino blogging has been put to one side whilst things like nappy changes and cuddles with my monkey have taken over my weeks. 

However this set has been really useful! when I first saw the product I thought it looked of good quality and the brushed material looked as if it would be comfy but my intital thought was well summer is on the way - who would need thermals now? Anyway between bum changes I got them out of the pack and had a look and decided to give them a whirl ( a try on!). They are so comfy! i have worn them since as lounge wear! I know this isn't then intended use but for me they have been perfect. although they are thermal they aren't dreary and heavy and so work perfectly for milling around the house in. Also they don't really look like thermals either - more of a long sleeved soft T-shirt and leggings! 

When the weather does get colder they will be perfect for walking my dog in up the hills with my outdoor wear but for now I intend to keep using them as lazy day clothes! I will not be hiding them away until its time for the winterwear to pop back out of the wardrobe. 

Bit of a change for my blog away from beauty and babies but I thought it suited my day to day activities quite nicely! 

Lots of Love, 
Hayley xxx

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