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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Is life really flipped upside down with a newborn?

Bit of a different post today.. 

When you don't have children all anyone tells you is make the most of the time you have before you have them, almost as if life will end the day you do go for the plunge. Not exactly encouraging! 

When you start to announce you are expecting there are two camps of people to pass comment; one lot saying the same as above and then the others saying how life will never be the same, but for the better. That's not something unexpected for anyone I don't think? You don't exactly decide to expand your family based on a thought that life will become much worse!

When pregnant I loved my bump (most of the time), during the aches and pains I cursed but really I loved it and knew I would love my baby before she was even here. But I must say I look at Daisy now and really struggle to link the two together! Somehow I can't get my head around that Daisy was my "bump"! A bump with a tiny little nose, big blue eyes and what seems to be curly, fluffy hair! 

It's crazy!! I wonder if it's just me that can't associate the two? How is it possible a little girl so pretty was squashed in my tummy for nine months?!? 

Anyway back to life being flipped upside down. So the people who say life changes were right. Life has changed already, we have a little person that depends on us for everything and that feels like a lot of responsibility. But in a good way!! But even though our day to day lives have altered slightly, we don't get to do what we like when we like to an extent, I still wouldn't say life is upside down. 

Yes we can't sit and watch our programmes all evening but mainly just because we sit down later as we have Daisy to entertain and settle or visitors to evict first before we can spend the rest of the evening as the three of us. But those things you notice that have changed like having to go to bed when she does, eating your tea and drinking your tea freezing cold are the small things, and in their place are better things like snuggles, bath time and being a little family. 

I know it's early days and life can't be the same as before but so far I'm loving the change and so far the transition is not as dramatic as I thought it could be. Most things just take a little planning and consideration and a little more time usually. 

The camp that said make the most of the time that you have before babies are right too though in some respects, we are lucky to have enjoyed some brilliant exotic holidays and do things that some couldn't. And we both have good jobs and are settled in our home. But that doesn't mean you can't do these things when you have children either, who says you can't go away, or move up the ladder at work or buy your own home when you have children? It may be a little more difficult, but it doesn't mean everything is on hold completely! 

But of a deep post today but one I've been thinking about whilst Ben was away in London so I thought I'd write it down! It's something I thought about before having Daisy and something that played on my mind when I was pregnant. 

Lots of love,

Hayley xxx

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