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Peekaboobtique and that 1st week of breastfeeding

Daisy arrived slightly earlier than planned but as you will have read in my latest post all was good and the little dot is healthy and content. Before she arrived I had decided to breastfeed but at the same time put no pressure on myself to do it if it didn't work out. As new parents we already put far too much pressure on ourselves and i think we need to make it as easy as possible if we can. But ideally in my mind I'd feed her myself for 6 weeks at least, knowing how good and beneficial it is for new babies in that time period. 

The thought did worry me a little, I have always been so shy about my chest area, it probably comes from being quite large early on at school and feeling a bit uncomfortable with it whilst the other girls caught up! I don't know but what I do know is that I am not one to flash them about. So this uneasy feeling did make me doubt myself and if I could feed Daisy or perhaps I would find it too strange. 

Peekaboobtique are a company I found on Etsy and contacted in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Don't you just love the name?! 

I had heard of nursing scarves and seen various options in stores such as Mothercare but to be honest they always looked drab and really not my cup of tea, yes they do a job but when you've just had a baby anything that makes you feel more dull and frumpy will just annoy you and should be avoided! These nursing scarves are so funky and actually you wouldn't think to yourself it was a nursing scarf. There are various colours and sizes and I was lucky enough to receive the grey and coral edition. Find it here for just under £22 (depending on exchange rate). 

When I've been wearing it this first week I've loved it as a top, with my black comfy leggings it's been the perfect outfit choice for me and I haven't taken it off! It's now in the wash you'll be pleased to know. I love it as it's got nice shape, it's covers lumps and bumps when worn as a top, adds a bit of colour to me and the obvious reason is that it allows me to feed a little more privately. And actually not that it should matter but it allows any guests we have to feel a bit more comfortable around me when feeding as they don't have to see anything, without me having to suffocate Daisy in the process!

I have had so many compliments on it and people haven't realised what it actually is, so I would say it's gone down well! Some products like this can be so expensive but for just over £20 it's a bargain, you'd struggle to find a top or kimono you'd like for that price. They are sent from the USA but this was sent to me really quickly so don't let that put you off.

It's been a bit of a saviour item for me in the first week and I am sure it will continue to be whilst I feed Daisy. If you've ever fed before you'll know that it's not as easy as latching baby on and away you go (well if that happened to you then you are lucky!!), it takes a bit of faffing and routing around so if they're hidden under a scarf/ top you feel a little less obvious in those uncomfortable situations. I know that some people will say it's natural and who cares if anyone can see etc but for a new mum who is experiencing it for the first time all I can say is I wish it was that easy!! 

There are a few other uses that Peekaboobtique mention on their site:

  • Wear it around town as a poncho, shawl, or scarf.- the obvious and the use I love much. I don't feel like a frumpy mum desperate to hide my baby
  • Use it as a nursing cover when it’s time to feed your baby- obviously!
  • Keep it in your diaper bag to have a soft baby blanket or changing pad on hand- personally it's too nice to change baby's bum on!! But to have a snuggle in is perfect! 
  • Slip it over the car seat or stroller to provide extra shade for your baby.

    Have you tried any products like this? If so I'd love to hear about them. 

    The company are offering a fab discount code for you all to get 15% off - bargain! I will be ordering myself another colour definitely. Coupon: "PEEKVIP" enter at check out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/peekaboobtique
lots of love, 
Hayley xxx


  1. This looks fab I love the colours! I'd want to wear it all the time too! It's great to see all the other uses for it too I wouldn't have thought of those, fab post from you and little miss Daisy! xx

    1. I love it! I wear it so much! It's so comfy too and flattering! Xx