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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

*FACEB4 - Mission Clear Skin

After having Daisy, and well throughout my pregnancy actually I have suffered from hormonal break outs. I have never been lucky enough to have immaculate, fresh skin but I have never had such wild out breaks either. Which always tend to be right on my chin - delightful!

I was lucky to be sent these products to try out and see if they could help at all. I must say firstly I loved the bright pink packaging - I believe this is in collaboration with Superdrug's 50 year anniversary and that usually the outer casing would match the blue inner packaging but this will available in all Superdrug stores for the rest of 2014.

I was sent two products:

Anti-bacterial Face Wash

The UK's most effective Anti-Bacterial Face Wash*. Step one of the revolutionary new Face B4 skincare regime to help maintain clear skin. A combined cleanser and toner which helps clean pores and reduce excess oil. (Extracted from FaceB4 website)

When I opened this up I was surprised to see that it were two tubes in a pump contraption that mixed the two solutions for you to give a lovely light foam to use to wash your face. On reading the box its cleanser and toner in the separate bottles that mix together to give you a 2 in1 job! Very clever and ideal for someone as lazy as me! The foam consistency is light and when used on your face feels as if its disappeared, a nice change from heavy, sticky messes which this type of product can often give you.

I used it for a week and my skin is far clearer and brighter than it had been the week previous. I must admit I continued to use my Tropic scrub and moisturiser alongside it as I didn't feel I wanted to use the FACEB4 twice a day, it smelt quite medical which was the only thing that put me off it slightly - however if I was suffering from what I would call more troublesome, maybe teenage skin then I would have used it more often. I just didn't feel I needed something so strong so often, although the info on the packet and online says its been proven to be mild for all skin types - I am just that little bit too cautious when it comes to my skin!

I have passed this product on to a friend to try, she suffers with more troublesome skin and openly admits she doesn't tone as well as cleanse - so this could be perfect for her. I will amend my review once I have her opinion and results also.

Anti-bacterial Serum

Step two of the revolutionary new Face B4 skincare regime to help maintain clear skin. A gentle formula serum suitable for all skin types and vitamin enriched to moisturise, soothe and protect skin. (Extracted from FaceB4 website)

I think sadly the first thing I noticed when I opened up this product was how small the bottle was compared to the outer box! I felt a bit hard done by and for the price tag of £14.95 I expected it a little bigger, I personally think the size of the box lead me to think this though and without it I would have been happy enough! 

Anyway, what did I think to the actual serum? Loved it! I am always a little cautious of using any product that is designed to clear impurities and spots as I find them harsh and with fairly sensitive skin it can leave me feeling like I have had a scrub with a scourer and some bleach! But this was nice and soft, leaving my face feeling smooth. I really liked this product for not being heavy and sticky and most importantly not painful to use!

I will definitely continue to use these products but probably only when I feel I need the extra TLC on my break outs. I do think the price tag is quite hefty but these products will last a long time and for some people it will be well worth it to help out with their troublesome skin. Both products are £14.95 and are available in Superdrug and Boots.

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

(All opinions are my own and I own the copyright to all photos)

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