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The start of a #MakeupRevolution

I have read plenty about Makeup Revolution, the good, the bad and the ugly. There seems to be really mixed reviews on the brand and its products. When I learnt that they were launching the #Happylips range and the Amazing lipstick range (What it appears to be called!) into Superdrug this spring/ summer I decided it was time I tried it out for myself and make my own opinions.

I tried some of the Amazing Lipstick range out first, below is a swatch on the colours I tried.

There are two collections under the Amazing range, the Depraved shade (purple) is from the Scandalous collection and the other 2 shades Nude and Rebel with cause are from the Vamp Collection. both collections are limited edition, the scandalous being designed pretty much for the festival and summer season.

Before I tell you what I really think of these I must tell you these are a whopping £1 each as that may change your opinions on my review. Honestly, I wasn't a fan of this range. I found it difficult to apply, it wasn't a smooth application and felt somehow a little like using a crayon on my lips. the colour was good as in the shades, I really liked the colour of the nude especially but unfortunately it didn't feel right on my lips and so I probably won't use. However, for a £1 if I was going to any festivals this summer (Which I'm not sadly due to baby Daisy being slightly too young to leave and funds being short!) these may be good to chuck in your bag and then accidently leave there, the acid brights of the Scandalous collection will work well with the neon trend of the summer.

Next I tried the #Happylips lipstick out, something a little different and unlike anything I have tried before. This lipstick has the colour up the centre of the stick and then surrounding is a clear layer of essential Argan oils. This sounded great to me, I am in love with Argan oil and use it on my hair religiously. I must admit it looks a little odd this lipstick so I was unsure how it would work out though.

The packaging was nice and of pretty good quality for a £3 product and the shade I tried Electric love looked right up my street, maybe a little bright but with summer coming I thought perfect!

I was pleasantly surprised, I liked it. Honestly, after trying the £1 range I had my doubts if I would. it applies much nicer and feels smooth and silky. The colour isn't as bright as it looks like its going to be - this may be a negative for some people but it suited me. The only negative I have is that because the oils layer is on the outside its hard to apply the colour to the outside of your lips without using a brush, I couldn't use it straight from the tube. But I can honestly say I would love to try more shades of this collection and will be looking at what others are available.

So a mixed review on these lipsticks from me! I have read today some reviews from some of my favourite bloggers thought on the blushers, So I think I will have to try these too before I have a final verdict on the brand either way. But for now I would say cheap, Cheerful and a perhaps a little hit and miss but for the price well worth trying out!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. ah those colours of lips look great :) I have just made an absolutely massive order and can't wait to try them all! Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Blog :)

    1. Mmmm they look good but I certainly wouldn't rush to purchase even at a £1! The more expensive pink one (that I've got on In pic) is okay, I'd buy from that range again. Xx