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30 weeks pregnant; Video diary

Here we go again, another two weeks have passed... and actually if I am being honest, I am actually closer to 31 weeks now than 30!!

These past two weeks have been a little up and down, baby seems to be growing nicely but I just feel like I have struggled a little more. The joys of the third trimester I am sure. Baby is head down and although I don't think she is engaged she does seem to be staying in the ideal position, the only way I know this is from the familiar sensation of his hiccups "downstairs"!

I am feeling heavy and my body feels really tight and at bursting point, when I know in reality I have got a fair few more weeks of growing to do yet! I have felt worn out and more drained than usual, but recent blood test results have shown I have some deficiencies so that can explain that!

I am now on Iron and folic acid supplements which I guess are helping with energy levels but they really don't do my digestive system any favours at all which just makes me feel yucky! I have been trialling some alternatives which i will do a post on, which do seem to be helping slightly but we shall see.

I still have my cough and cold which has been lingering for about a week now, and then today I seem to have pulled a tummy muscle, from coughing no doubt! Just what I needed to top it all off! It makes this cough even more painful! And well doing anything a bit painful really !

Braxton hicks are becoming a regular treat too, which in one way is quite reassuring that my body is doing some good training sessions to get this baby out but on the other hand is rather uncomfortable and can take my breath away at times!

I am sure you will think I have grown pretty big in the past two weeks, I can really feel and see the difference!

Hayley xxx

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