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Pregnancy Diary: 33 weeks pregnancy update

So these weeks really are whizzing on by now, each week that goes by does give me a real sense of relief. With the aches and pains I have had I am really grateful to keep hold of him for that added time, I have a really big feeling though that although part of me is panicking he will be early that in fact I will be waiting for him well over our due date.

I am in fact off to the midwife again shortly as I have been having a few new symptoms that I am not too sure of and that I don't remember having with Daisy, obviously Google is anybody's worst enemy at times and sadly I did the old Google trick and so am now going to be more safe than sorry! Nothing to worry about I am sure, just some TMI symptoms that I won't make you sick with!

Overall I am feeling quite well, albeit a little tired, but that is to be expected. The aches and pains are still present and I am watching that like a hawk but I do think they are just part of this pregnancy and are a way of my body saying I need to take it easy and that it's stretching to an inch of its life! On the back of this and the last midwife appointment I had I decided to bring my maternity leave forward, so  I am now on countdown to that! I look forward to not having to worry about having baby whilst working and hopefully having a little rest and some time with my princess Daisy before her brother comes and changes our world a little!

I am measuring slightly ahead in terms of bump measurements but it is nothing to worry about for now, we will see how it looks over the next few weeks. Being only 5 foot nothing there isn't far for this baby to go except outwards so I am not overly concerned personally at the moment, where do we expect him to go?!

If you haven't caught up on my latest video update then the link is below, I talk about possible pre-term labour signs, having a whopping huge bump and how other people react to my ever growing tummy!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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