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Creating memories & looking back on them: Easter

A few weeks ago I talked about Easter traditions and how I aspire to ensure we have some traditions set that as a family we can create happy memories from, some traditions just seem to fall quietly into place.

It was a year ago, I can't quite believe it, that I started to vlog a little on Youtube. I started to share snippets on of our day to day life with my blog followers and although I didn't go all for it, head first, I still enjoyed putting the content out there. And looking back and realising that Easter 2015 was one of the first videos I shared, I am so pleased I did. To see how much has changed and how much Daisy has grown in that time really made me smile.

Our Easter was "delayed" a week this year, Ben's parents were away and so we thought it nice to push it back a week. In my post from a few weeks ago you will remember that we aren't all that religious so in effect it was just a family day that we planned a week later.

I didn't really vlog it as I completely forgot, I will never make a vlogger! But I did manage to pull this mini montage together...

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