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Choosing the right travel system for a 2nd baby

I did a brief over view of the Icandy Apple pushchair sometime a year or so ago but now I am thinking about what to do for this new little package that is due to arrive in the next couple (okay, a few more than a couple) of weeks.

Do I keep the Icandy and invest in the adapters to transform it into the double (we went for the Apple 2 Pear model), do I not bother and hope that Daisy will cooperate by walking a little more or babywearing as often as I can, or do I go for something completely new?
The truth is I am really undecided.

I have really enjoyed our time with the Icandy and do think it would be a waste not to get the adaptors to transform it into a double but then I do think it may also be nice to try something different.  When I first started looking at prams I researched in quite a bit of detail before going to look at them, online, in various catalogues and review sites as well as the usual word of mouth recommendations by friends who have babies.

The Icandy is easy to use, it folds nicely and fits into my car easily and I have had no issues with it at all. I had the black variety pack so I could use it again for future babies and let’s be honest they're not cheap are they in the first place! It has stood its ground and it still looks decent after almost 2 years of use, although a quick clean and service wouldn’t go a miss!

 My only disappointment is that around the nuts and bolts areas of the frame it did start to rust a little, which I can only put down to wet weather, but surely these things should be weather proof? We do live in England after all! I tried to get it sorted with the supplier but they were moving premises etc and by the time they had moved it was too far to go to get it looked at, and potentially nothing be done anyway. But overall it is sturdy, reliable, practical and the shopping basket is brill!

The trouble when I was purchasing my Icandy was that they won't sell online and they don't allow stores to display the pricing either. Their thought being once you see it and try it you won't look elsewhere. I went to a local store to try some out and ended up comparing the oyster and the icandy against one another. I found the Oyster to be a bit of a cheaper replica of the icandy style, sadly though you could really feel the difference in the frames in terms of sturdiness but then you pay for that too!

If money was no object and I didn’t have to be sensible about these things then I certainly would have my eye on these. I much prefer the traditional shape of a pushchair, 3 wheels don’t really do it for me. Don’t ask me why but that is what lead me to getting the Apple rather than a model like the Peach in the first place.

The Wayfarer by Silver Cross is lovely, and the colour selections are gorgeous! So much choice!

The new Icandy Peach with the leather handle bar and the shiny chrome is just gorgeous!

And these models from Cosatto are just amazing too!

Too much choice!


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