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Pregnancy Diary: 34 Weeks update

So here we are again, another week down and another update to bore you with!

I had another midwives appointment yesterday and all seemed well, little heart beating away, bump growing nicely and on track and all other tests looking fine. I had the last (hopefully) set of blood tests taken, which for me felt like a massive milestone. For someone who absolutely hates the thought of blood and all things medical they can make me feel very anxious and unwell so hopefully they are all out of the way now, fingers crossed all being well.

Baby boy is still head down, slightly engaged but not as much as my last visit (last week) so that just shows how second time around they can jump in and out of your pelvis with ease.

I can feel he is head down and in an evening I can feel him lower himself down into my pelvis and get himself comfortable for the night! Or at least that is what I think I am feeling. My bump is certainly on the large, football shaped size now and movements feel slightly different. I still feel plenty of movement, all day and night but it is quite a different sensation now. It is almost like he is attempting to stretch out and push my uterus wall to get more space, space must be getting limited now, so no more acrobatic movements for him for a while!

I mentioned in my last video how people comment on your bump and how sometimes it can touch a bit of a nerve if you are feeling a little sensitive or hormonal at the time, it is lovely to get the recognition of a blooming bump but to hear wow you are HUGE! Can sometimes put you into a bit of a Debbie Downer moment. Other times it won't bother me at all, I know it is temporary and it has to be of a certain size to house this little man safely! My bump this time around is quite different to how it was with Daisy. Daisy sat quite high right up until I had her but this time its much lower. Albeit the same kind of shape and size!

Daisy bump > Boy Bump both at 34 weeks

I did a video update this week on my YouTube channel:

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