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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

The end is in sight... 5 weeks of pregnancy to go!

Well... 5 more weeks to go. It feels like only yesterday I was sat here writing last weeks update, this week has gone so fast! Here's hoping that the next few may go fast too.

This week has been an odd week and a bit of a struggle to be honest, really uncomfortable, tiresome and generally not very nice. i feel heavily pregnant all of a sudden! (Sounds daft I know!) I have had pains, strains and aches every single day, some of which have made me think baby is coming that day. 

The back end of this week they have gone from just tightening and heaviness to sharp, shooting pains wrapping around my tummy, down to my lady bits and then down my back and thighs. Along with making me feel like I may wet myself every time I walk anywhere its not been very pleasant. It was a bit like menstrual cramps with shooting pains chucked in for good measure. I called the PANDA ward the one day to be reassured that it wasn't early labour signs, they couldn't actually reassure me of this and just said take painkillers, put your feet up and watch them. If they got any worse then get in to hospital to be monitored in case it was pre- term labour! They think that perhaps baby was making her way further into my pelvis and head butting my cervix, delightful! 

My bump does appear to have dropped significantly so their theory could well make sense! 

On the back of this I have actually packed my bags - just in case!!! 

I am at the midwife tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to see where abouts she is and where the pain could be coming from. i expect its natural pregnancy pains but you can never be too sure when you are 35 weeks - I would like to make it to 37 weeks if possible! Less chance of there being any breathing, temperature difficulties with the baby. Also with me hoping to have her at home then they will allow it from this time onwards. We also see the consultant this week for another scan - lets see what he estimates her at this time!!! Eeeeeek! 

My feet have started to go a little puffy in an evening now, nothing like elephant feet but a little more squidgy than usual, another beautiful symptom of pregnancy. 

I hate to say this because i will jinx myself no doubt.... but still no stretch marks!!!!! Hooray! Lots of time yet I appreciate so I am saying this with gritted teeth! 

I have now finished reading "Home Birth" by Nicky Wesson, it was a really good read for anyone hoping to have a home birth. Its not a selling book that makes you think you have to have them at home and its not the other way either, it really gives all eventualities and there are lots of real life stories in there to relate to. I read it in two sittings I think, it basically reassured me that yes somethings don't go to plan and that yes I may well end up in hospital but aiming for home is the right thing for me and well and truly within my reach. Positivity!!! 

I am still on countdown to finish work and it really is becoming a struggle now, I feel like I need to sleep all of the time! Not too much longer to go... 

I wonder how many more of these updates I will get to do?!!! 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx


  1. Ow early labour is yuck I started with it from 37 weeks pain every 10 minutes for 3 weeks. So I hope your easies a little and that little one is just starting to burrow downwards. Congratulations only 5 weeks left (hopefully) keep strong mama. Clare xx

  2. I hope so too! Let's see what the midwife says today :) I'm sure it's all just movement down there and preparations!

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