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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy the little Duckling

Swimming has always been on my agenda for Daisy, something that I feel is quite important to do when they are young. Get them used to the water, build up their confidence and possibly save their life one day (fingers crossed they never have to get in that situation!!).

I only seemed to be able to come across Water Babies when I was looking for classes to go to and it seemed far too expensive. I would have paid it possibly if I knew she would like it but it was pretty risky, I couldn't pay hundreds of pounds to have her scream for an hour a week! They do claim on their website that they know they are more expensive and list the reasons such as investing money in their training and safety, which is of course important. Perhaps something I would look at in the future now that I know she quite likes a splash!

We joined some classes at our local council run pool, a much cheaper option! (And I mean like 70% cheaper!!!)

The concept for this age is similar I think, get baby used to water and to build their confidence up - as well as ours I think!

This is what the programme entails:

Ducklings: Your child's journey through aquatics starts with a programme for developing early-years water confidence, encouraged through sessions such as ‘adult and child’ and pre-school sessions.  Emphasis is on the development of very basic motor skills and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games. (Source)

I think the key to success with happiness in our lessons is to try and get Daisy to nap before we go, have a little snack before and make sure she is generally quite happy. A little tip given to us by one of our friends was to also take a little distraction to chew on for those pesky teething gums, like toy keys. And it works a treat!
I will definitely continue swimming with Daisy because she has started to enjoy it and become much more confident, a little dunk under is completely fine by her! Although I did think it would as in the bath she isn't bothered in the slightest by water on her face or splashing!
We go on holiday soon to Bluestone so I hope to take her some more there and then in the summer on our holidays it will be lovely to take her in the pool and hopefully know she will enjoy it! Although with these babies temperaments you can never be too sure day to day!!!
Has anyone else tried Water babies or any other swimming lessons?
Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx


  1. We did puddleducks for two terms which I loved. It was expensive but really enjoyed it to learn how to get her used to it all and learn all the tips and tricks for now when I take her in my own. We don't go as much anymore it's so hard to fit in! I want to start lessons again when she's about 2 I think when she can hopefully she will be able to learn a bit more. The lessons are super expensive though!! Glad Daisy likes it. Amelia screamed her head off for the first three lessons it was awful! Xx

    1. How often do you take her? It's tsLly hard to fit in! Partly why I booked lessons really because I knew I'd have to go then! I think it works out about £4 a lesson where we go which I thought wasn't too bad xx

    2. Now its probably once every two weeks, if that! It's just hard to get the motivation to go and get all cold for like about 30mins in the water. Looking forward to enjoying the pool at bluestone! Yeh £4 is great, thats what it costs to take Amelia swimming at the local pool! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday xxx

  2. I really want to take alfie swimming but my confidence is getting in the way. I know he'd love it though! Xx

    1. Ahh I know what you mean. You'll have to go for it one day when you're feeling upto it xx

  3. We've not done any lessons as the pool is too far to get to for me but we try to take Jasmine ourselves as much as we can. I wish I could do lessons though to make it more interactive. I feel like I just hold her in the water which isn't that much fun after a while.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. There are a few videos on YouTube of the different things you can do! We play with balls a lot, sit on side and jump off (we catch obviously!) etc it's good fun! Xx

  4. Ahh this is so cute to read about and I'm glad she's taken to it...though I can't believe the price of some lessons eh!?

    Because I live in a coastal town with a big river and many beaches I went to swimming lessons as a child and think its so important for little ones to be confident around the water.

    Hope you have a fab time on holiday and she gets to have a good splash around!


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