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For all the tea in China... The princess and her mummy

Random blog title, which I've now gone back and changed after writing that first part of the sentence! But as you will have guessed it's about the new little royal baby or baby princess, well actually more the Duchess of Cambridge and how I wouldn't swap places with her even for all of the tea in China! 

I was as excited and as happy as lots of other British people yesterday when I saw Kate was in labour and that there would soon be an announcement that there would be a new prince or princess, I loved then reading how they had welcomed a beautiful baby girl in to the world! Because I'm sure the royals read my blog, "congratulations on your gorgeous baby girl!" 

I watched a clip of them introducing their new little bundle to the world and well the entire worlds media outside the hospital and felt pleased and happy for them! But then if I'm honest I also felt sadness. 

For William and Kate to have to share those first few moments with everyone and their dog felt a bit cruel. Some will say it's their role in society, and in some parts I would agree. But it just seemed too soon! I mean poor old Kate was dressed beautifully, hair blowing beautifully in the wind, face looking as perfect as ever, even little heels on for the occasion! But seriously is this what any of us would want to do just a few hours after giving birth? Wether we had make up artists, hair dressers etc or not, I don't imagine many women would fancy tottering out to the general public in a dress (my god, I didn't wear anything but Jamas or leggings for a month!!! ) and heels! How on earth did she do that?? I couldn't walk properly for two weeks and that was in slippers or flats, but heels?? I salute her!! Although I'd rather have poked my own eyes out than do it if I'm honest! 

Maybe a part of it is jealousy, how can any woman looks so glowy and fresh after giving birth? I looked like a zombie who hadn't slept for a week! Or at least felt that way anyway. But then really I was happy floating home in my new baby bubble in my comfies, hair braided back and with my slippers! I just wanted to absorb my baby, my new little family. 

Hopefully now the press and the world will leave them for a while now, let them get on with enjoying their new extended family and more than anything rest! 

Just had to get that off my chest!!! 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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  1. I'm pretty sure I lived in the same 'jamas for several days after giving birth. Changing my clothes and brushing my hair was the least of my concerns.

    I'm with you, I couldn't do what Kate does. I like my privacy and PJs far too much.

    Great post, Hayley.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx