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Controlled crying: Why it is not for me...

Controlled crying is one of those parenting topics that gets brought up time and time again, it will always cause division in opinions and cause some kind of controversy.

I was always never of a direct opinion for the technique and was always open to trying anything I could / still am to making our family life as easy and comfortable as possible.

Having never tried controlled crying consistently with a firm approach I can't 100% say that it didn't work for us, I dipped in and out of the technique but never gave it a full go. I recently published a video about why I never really went for it, I will post the link at the end of this post for you to see. you will be pleased to know it is a nice quick one and I don't jabber on for as long as I often do in my videos!

But the short of it is I am coming around to the idea that I perhaps partake in what some people (always a label for everything hey!) call attachment parenting or even gentle parenting, where you follow your child's lead and basically just react to their needs, rather than attempting to change behaviours pro actively. I don't actually agree with these labels and they somehow suggest those that do partake in controlled crying or that aren't into attachment parenting are not "gentle", which is just ridiculous.

I know many people who have used controlled crying (which by the way is very different to the cry out technique!) and it has worked wonders for them! It has taken hardly any time at all and they have perfect little sleepers. So it clearly does suit and work well for some people.

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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