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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex, You Are Five Months Old...

Who knew time could go so fast?
You are now 5 whole months old and just like the last month this has flown by too. You seem to have lost your newness this last month, you are aware of anything and everything around you, are interacting with us and really know what you do and don't want now. 

You are still very much our baby but as you will see when you look at the photos you really have grown these past few weeks.

You still have those big blue eyes that you use to follow us around the room with and use to watch your sister playing and running around, you look at her as if you want to join her. It won't be long and you will be. I am beginning to think that you may keep your blue eyes as there is nto even a glimpse of a change at the moment, maybe you'll have eyes like your Muma unlike Daisy who's have turned a really rich green/ Hazel very much like Dad's.

Your hair could still go either way. It is coming through now and is so soft and fluffy but in some lights it looks super dark and in others really fair.

You are comfortably in your 3-6 months clothes although I am sure we could get away with going up a size now if we wanted to, which I don't. I want to keep you small for as long as I can!

You had your first holiday abroad this month to Menorca and you were such a good boy. You loved the sand, sea and swimming pool. You had a great time.

You are still trying to master sitting up but you seem to have the balance of a weeble, folding yourself over after a minute or flopping to one side and toppling over. It will come and there is no rush!

We have started to give you first tastes and baby porridge now, you seemed really ready for it. You watch others eat and you actually get infuriated when you realise that the food isn't for you, you hungry little monster! You have 2 small meals a day, breakfast and tea. And we are sticking with rice or porridge for now with a bit of fruit or veg mixed in so you can try new flavours. I am hoping to do more baby led weaning with you so you get used to textures and feeding yourself so have started to give you things to hold and have a look at. You have tried banana, apple, pear and potato and so far we haven't come across anything you don't like. Which doesn't surprise me!

You just need to work on your coordination a little to be able to pick up the food yourself and get it into your mouth. Once it is in your hand you manage to get it in no trouble.

Weaning early

Weaning early

Lots of love,
Muma x

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