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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex, Slow Down...

You are eight months old, I struggle to get my head around that but it's true. Everyone tells you time goes much quicker second time around and it couldn't be more true. Far too fast. I feel like you were a baby for all of a week, you're still a baby but you're just growing too quickly and you are too eager to get on and do things. For instance you are crawling without any problems, climbing up and cruising around furniture, eating perfectly well and well just looking far older than you are. 

I always thought your sister started doing things too early for her age but you just go that step further, literally. 


You don't seem that much bigger from your last update to me, you're still in size 3-6 months and 6-9 months clothes, although I really should put away the 3-6 now and get the wear out of the next size up. 

Your hair has grown so much and is quite dark still. It looks lighter when it's been washed but I think that's because it sticks up and is so light and fluffy. And of course you still have huge blue eyes! 

There are no signs of any teeth cutting through just yet. You show all the signs of teething but I can't see or feel anything in there so I think we are a bit away from having your first one. It's one thing you aren't so fast at developing, exactly how Daisy was. 


That doesn't seem to affect your eating though. Your gag reflex has relaxed a lot and you don't appear to be "choking" much anymore thankfully. You are willing to try most things and there isn't much you won't eat, in fact I can't think of anything. I just hope you stay that way, I don't think I could cope with two fussy eaters. One beige eating monster is more than enough! 

You started your settling in sessions at nursery this month and as expected you're not phased in the slightest. You're so happy to keep busy that as long as there are people to "chat" to and play with then you're fine. I must say I think I find nursery more difficult than you, I just don't feel ready but then I don't think you ever are. 

One thing that hasn't really changed is the way you sleep, which isn't great. In the day you like a big nap for a few hours and then a few little ones too. But at night you're just not wonderful. Up every couple of hours at the moment, thankfully you drop back off quite easily but you've woken me then and I struggle to drop back off then. There have been quite a few nights this last week where it gets to about 2/3am and you're up every half an hour and so I've just ended up taking you back to our bed and at least then you and I both get some solid sleep. I've learnt that it's not the end of the world. I know these things soon pass and it won't be forever. 

Muma xxx

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