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Which carseat Is best?*

Is it just me that finds car seats past newborn baby stage an absolute minefield? With all of the newly introduced guidelines I felt a bit lost with it all.

Both of my babies had the same Maxi Cosi Pebble, it came up lovely and clean and although not perfect it did Alex just fine. He actually still uses it at a year old because he still fits fine and it is great for moving about when out with his Nan & Granddad. But I wanted something a little bigger which I would expect to be a little comfier.

Which carseat?

I took ages researching what would be best and it was a little overwhelming to be honest. There is so much information out there but I find this website to be the most informative and most easy to read. I will copy a part of it below so you can see too what regulations are in place for an infant seat.

Babies and infants need to be carried in rearward-facing baby seats. This reduces the risk of death or injury in a crash by 90% compared with being unrestrained.

Rearward-facing seats provide greater protection for the baby's head, neck and spine than forward-facing seats. So, it is best to keep your baby in a rearward-facing seat for as long as possible. Only move them to a forward-facing once they can sit up unaided and they have exceeded the maximum weight for the baby seat, or the top of their head is higher than the top of the seat. Or, you could consider using a larger (group 1 or group 2) rearward-facing seat.

I knew I was after a Group 0+ & 1, which allows you to keep your child rearward-facing until they are 18 kg in weight, which that website says is roughly four years old. Some can be turned into forward-facing seats when the child has reached 13 kg in weight, or they can continue to be used rearward-facing. I found the Maxi Cosi Pearl 2-way to fit into this category and actually was really nice to look at too, and came in various colours.

Which carseat Is best?* Maxi Cosi Pearl 2 way

Which carseat Is best?* Maxi Cosi Pearl 2 way

Which carseat Is best?* Maxi Cosi Pearl 2 way

The 2wayPearl complies with the latest car seat safety regulation known as i-Size (R129) offering secure ISOFIX installation in combination with the 2wayFix base. Hope you're still following, there is a lots of jargon thrown about and acronyms isn't there with car seats?

Anyway, on to the Pearl itself. Not only does it look nice compared to seats we have had before but it is just so easy to use. From the isofix base beeping and lighting up when it is/ isn't fitted 100% correctly, to the harness straps being simple to fasten. Unlike a Britax seat we currently have for Daisy, where the straps are constantly twizzling.

I wanted to share some of the regulations I found and how I have deciphered them for Alex's next seat. And also what we have gone for and are pleased with.

Hayley xx

*PR samples have been supplied but all opinions are my own

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