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A Day At The Zoo #Letsplayatchesterzoo*

We recently were invited to spend the day at Chester Zoo and although I have been several times in the past (we used to live in the city when I was studying at the university) I jumped at the chance. It is a great day out, a jam packed one but a really nice day too.

I wouldn't usually dare to visit in peak times like the summer holidays because although I have my own children I don't tend to like to visit places where there will be millions of other children, I would rather go in autumn or spring when the children can run about without treading on everyone's toes or getting run down by a pushchair!

But I really was pleasantly surprised. I guess I should have thought about it really, the zoo covers a HUGE area and so although there are thousands of guests at any one time on a sunny day (and it was a scorcher when we went!) they really are dispersed all over the park.

A Day At The Zoo #Letsplayatchesterzoo*

So it really has encouraged me to go in the holidays again. I wouldn't have been able to take my nephew had it have been in school time and the girls would have had to have time off from nursery, so really it worked out nicely.

We decided to go around the zoo "backwards". So when you walk through the entrance most people tend to naturally walk clockwise, past the elephants first. But we went right and went up past the Rhinos and headed to the Islands first. This meant we were not going with the masses and although it did get busy by the time we hit the Islands it wasn't too bad.

The Islands are a great addition to the zoo. you can really see how new the area is and the enclosures have been really well thought out. We sadly didn't see the Sumatran tigers, they were hiding, but we did see the Croc and his turtle friends which we a big highlight for the girls!

Chester zoo review

We took a picnic with us to the Zoo because I knew it could turn out to be an expensive day for us. It was inevitable that we would have an ice cream and because of the trip we had to get there (about 80 minutes) we would probably end up having tea on the way home too. There are loads of places to sit and relax so we sat by the new monkey area by the islands and had our sarnies. Then of course had ice creams and coffees later on. Oh and gifts from the gift shop of course!

I guess my only downfall of the zoo would be that it is an expensive day out but I don't begrudge paying it on special occasions (we often go for birthdays) especially as I am all for the conservation of the animals too. Anything we can do to help, even if it is a drop in the ocean.

Days out in Chester

The only other thing I would say is there is just so much to do there, it is a struggle to get around it all. The new play areas are brilliant and the kids absolutely loved it, little and large. But we couldn't spend too much time there because we just had so much to cram in and see! Daisy wanted to see the Flamingos, Mollie the pigs (wart hogs did the trick!!!) , Dan the wild dogs and Jaguars and Alex took a liking to anything big like the Elephants!

zoo review

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  1. Oh we LOVE Chester zoo! It's our absolute favourite zoo, and we have been to a lot! There is so much to do, it looks like you all had an amazing day!!

  2. Chester Zoo, looks like a lot of fun! Looks as if you all had an amazing day!

  3. I went to Chester Zoo not long ago and loved it too! Again even in peak time I was pleasantly surprised. It looks like you had a fab day out!

  4. Fantastic! We have a few local haunts to see animals down this way, but somewhere different would make a lovely change. Chester zoo seems like a great option, and I think we'd like to go if we get the chance. :) Looks like your littles had a blast! :D