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Tea With The Easter Bunny | Wyevale Garden Centres

We recently invited along to have tea with the Easter bunny at our local garden centre, Percy Throwers. Percy's is a Wyevale Garden centre and often runs activities such as this but if I am honest I have never really thought about going. I can't put my finger on why, but now I have been I will certainly be going back to other events there.

Easter Bunny Shropshire

We turned up at 3pm and had a meal that we had pre-booked. The children had cooked lunches so Daisy had Chicken nuggets (which actually looked and smelt amazing by the way, nicely fresh cooked not beige looking rocks!) and Alex, Sausages. Which again smelt so good! Their dinners were gone pretty quickly! Ben and I had afternoon tea, which again was really good. At first glance we wish we had gone for a cooked option so perhaps fish and chips but the afternoon tea was really filling and it was nice to have some sweet treats too. Which of course we had to share with the children. But if we were to do it again I would definitely choose the cooked option, we should have known how good it would look as we have eaten there a few times!

Whilst they were eating the Easter Bunny came out and meted and greeted all of the families, making a real effort to have cuddles and do high fives, along with photo opportunities. It went down really well on our table, even if Alex did look slightly terrified at first! I should have mentioned (in case you don't follow this blog) that Daisy is almost 4 years old and Alex 2.

We then went on an eastern hunt around the garden centre, which appealed to the older half of the group. Daisy was in her element, where as Alex just wanted to fill his little bag with chocolate! But it was well thought out and moved at a good pace.

Then it was back to decorate Easter cookies, which both children really enjoyed. Especially the eating of them after!

Tea With The Easter Bunny | Wyevale Garden Centres

They have various events on throughout the year and will definitely be going back at some point. It was nice to just get out as a family and have devoted time together with no other distractions. And really it costs not much more than your standard meal out and they were kept very well entertained! I would highly recommend it.

To book Easter breakfast/ tea you simply need to go to this link on their events page.

Hayley x

*We were gifted this event but all opinions are our own and we really are thankful for the opportunity!

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