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A Sunny Day at the Eisteddford*

If you read my post or maybe even entered my competition then you will know we were invited to the Llangollen Eisteddfod. The  Eisteddfod is a music festival which takes place every year during the second week of July in Llangollen, North Wales We went on Friday and honestly, we loved it.

llangollen eisteddfod for kids?

I knew it would be bright and colourful and that the children would love seeing all the costumes and performances but other than that I didn't know what to expect from the day. They were really geared up for families with things such as the picnic area (in a huge marquee thank goodness, it was so hot!), the circus tent where they could get involved and try things out and all the space they could tear around in.

There was something going on all day for us to watch and do, and if not then we just ate and drank sitting in the sunshine. What more could you ask for?

owl rescue shropshire

At the end of the Friday all of the nationalities joined and did a parade into the town of Llangollen and then back to the showground. We would have liked to have followed it in to see them all playing their music in the streets but Alex had just dropped off to sleep in his pram so we decided to make the most of the quiet and have ice creams in the shade. We waited for them all to come back and watched them enter back into the pavillion. This was my favourite part of the whole day. Some of the teams stopped in the middle of the pathway and just started playing and dancing and basically having fun! Then lots of the other just joined in, it was like one big dance off or street festival! It was like nothing  I have seen before, so much fun!

We will certainly be going back next year!

kids festival shropshire

*We were gifted tickets but all opinions are my own

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