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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

How To Survive The Summer Holidays

Firstly I should say this is slightly tongue in cheek. I value the time the children have off school, I wish I could have more time off with them rather than working but I also won't deny that it isn't easy every single day. It can be expensive, tiring and a day can feel like a week sometimes. And that can flip the other way too.

Thrifty summer holidays

My top tips for surviving the school holidays:

(1) Wear them out as much as possible in the morning. If you are lucky enough to have the children for the day during the holidays tire them out. Run them about, go to open spaces so they can be free and run around burning off pent up energy. I find the outdoors always wears them out that little bit more. Children that have exercised and are worn out tend to be more relaxed later on and hopefully will get nice early nights or give you quiet, relaxed, content afternoons.

(2) Exercise. This kind of links into the the first tip where the main idea is to tire them out a little. But Exercise, it stimulates them whilst also being beneficial for them and also yourself. Swimming is a hit in our house as in cycling, scooting, splashing in muddy puddles and so on. Even a walk into the woods getting them moving. When I sadly have to work around them this is something i will always do, I won't feel so bad then if they spend the afternoon drawing, playing or even having a little screen time.

top tips for the summer holidays

(3) Plans. Always make plans. This fills the time they have, it gives them something to look forward to but also yourself. You won't feel so alone if you plan to do some play dates down the local park etc. The key to this tip is to plan ahead and not on the day!

(4) Quiet Days are fine. Don't feel like you have to fill every single day with an activity. Children need down time as much as you or I. A day at home does everyone the world of good, so I couldn't do more than this usually as cabin fever strikes but time at home doing "jobs" (Think of things like watering your plants, washing up, doing the laundry and so on), crafting, play dough and so on is just what they need at times. Not to mention it will save you money!

(5) Look up free activities. There are lots of local groups and clubs that run activities during the holidays such as a reading competition at the local library, rock painting and so on. Make the most of free local activities near you, even if it only take up an hour or so.

free kid activities

(6) Pinterest Everything! That place is blooming wonderful for ideas, especially if you have crafty children like Daisy. Think painting rocks, making paper plate faces, pasta art and so on! The lists are endless and more often than not, cheap. Just google Pinterest kids craft ideas or similar and you will have hindreds of results pop up if you don't have the app yourself!

(7) Watch the weather!  If a week of rainy weather is forecast, phone round like minded friends and arrange a few play dates or organize rainy day plans such as the cinema! If it is sunny plan to do your free activities like long walks by the stream or camping out in a field to let the kids just roam free.

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