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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A mini mummy haul

Today I actually ventured out on my own with Daisy, on my very own!!! I was a little nervous but I've no idea why, it was fine! It felt like I had done it millions of times. 

I had a voucher to spend in Boots that I'd had for Christmas (how have I kept it this long?!?) and a few things to take back or exchange too for baby. It's been a nice day too so I thought we could have a wander around the retail park for an hour or so.

First up we went to Boots and got these lovelies:

I was most excited about the Barry M pastel Gelly polish in Sugar Apple, I have been after this shade for AGES! Well since it launched anyway and no where has had it in stock when I've been in to get it. For £3.99 I think these are a steal as I find them good quality and long lasting. The only variety I don't really rate are the Aquarium as I don't find they are all that easy to apply. 

Batiste is a brand I buy a lot, for everyday freshness but also I use it more than anything for volume purposes. I find it a perfect lift for flatter, limp hair that sadly I'm gifted with! This variety I've not seen before and oh my god it smell amazing, think cherry Chapstick and you'll be close. These were on offer for £2.99 for the big can and on a 3 for 2, I wish I'd stocked up now but I don't have much storage space really. 

I usually buy Estée Lauder foundation but I had a money off voucher for boots own brand No7 make up and it was also buy one item and get a second item half price, I couldn't resist! I've used their make up before but I must admit it does usually take me having a voucher to be enticed to that corner of the store. I got the Essentially Natural foundation for £9.95, and with the Intense volume mascara at £9.95 and then half price it's not bad for high street make up. You get a good sized tube for the price too and actually it's of good quality. I've only used it once quickly but I was pretty impressed actually, the consistency is good and it's matte which is what I like on coverage. The only thing I'd say is I couldn't find a shade that was the perfect match, so I went a little lighter in warm beige and I'll just use bronzer to shade and contour in. 

As you can see the coverage is not heavy but light, the packaging claims its light - medium but I would definitely say its light. Perfect for an every day mummy foundation actually. The mascara is also good, they all claim to have extreme, intense, wonderful volume on the high street and in reality they can be a flop. I've had better mascaras but I've had much, much worse. For the bargain price there were no clumps, sticking etc and I like the brush on this one. I would have liked a bit more volume and a slightly thicker consistency but you can't have everything!

After Boots I popped to Sainsburys for some burgers, buns and general boring foody bits!  But whilst there I had my usual wander around the TU department. I couldn't see much I fancied but was desperate for button opening tops or casual blouses, as I am feeding Daisy but I also don't want to look like a mumsy from the office. I found a nice flowery blouse £14, not bad! It's bright and cheery and I'm sure will make me feel a little summery! I have it on in the photos above! 

Also I treated myself to some new bright pjs! Not maternity, bump holding pjs but some cute frilly shorts and a vest, I may actually feel like a girl again in these! These again were a bargain at £8. 

That's my little haul, not overly wild but some nice little gems to share. 

Lots of love,
Hayley x x x


  1. Ooh I want to try the belly polish! Does it last well? I love the top too, very summery :)

    1. It lasts really well! And I love the shine of it!! Xx