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Cliche time: A new me

There is nothing wrong with the current Mrs Challinor. However there are a few things I've been thinking about and I thought maybe writing them down would make me think a bit more about them.

First up is the usual new year rubbish. In my start to 2015 post I said I wouldn't make resolutions, and I'm still not. This has nothing to do with the new year- new me crap! It's just because I feel I need a bit of a boost at the moment, a kick up the bum. 

- Drink more. Mainly water but actually any liquid would be a treat. I am terrible for acting like a camel and not drinking anywhere near enough. When pregnant I had got into a great habit of always having a glass or bottle of water next to me and sipping away all day. Now my poor shrivelled up body probably has 3 drinks a day on average! And two of those are likely to cuppas. Yes, shocking I know. My poor kidneys! For some reason I don't tend to feel thirst and so don't get that prompt, but it's something I'm conscious of and need to sort out!! 

- Move my butt - I have stages of exercising and then falling off the wagon. I seem to be an all or nothing gym / class goer. I really don't want to join the gym, I used to be a member but I really don't want to be going most days, I just don't think I'd enjoy it. With working I want to spend as much time at home with Daisy as I can at the moment. But, I really need to move a little more to stop feeling so much like a slug. Since having Daisy I've not done much at all. I've walked with the pram a lot but since being back at work even that's disappeared off my radar really! My sisters getting married in the winter and I'm a bridesmaid so maybe that is inspiration to work towards- just tone my arms maybe and tummy! Not that anyone will see these things- except me! 

- Treat myself - I've never been a girl who has her hair done every month, nails done weekly, eyebrows, tanning, waxing... I've had all of the above but they're far and few between. My hair is done probably every 3 months and the rest very rarely. I do those things myself sometimes but I really feel I should be pampering myself a little more to feel at my best.

And a few other little bits really. More about mindset than anything. And again very "on trend" about PMA (positive mental attitude). I can come across a bit negative sometimes and "pull a face", usually it's not meant how it comes across! It's just me thinking things through or over thinking, or not thinking at all. I'm not sure if I've always done this or if I've only just noticed. I tend to do it to those closest to me, I'm probably nice as pie to those at work etc!! But poor old Ben gets the grump to live with!! Not always but sometimes. Anyway what I'm trying to say is I need to stop the little comments and glares! Ben doesn't think I do but I know I do, as soon as I've done it I realise!! 

 I think what's made me think this is reading Gone girl!!!!! Anyone else read it???

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. I catch myself being negative all the time. I think once you realise you're doing it, you can start to work on changing it... but it does take time. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Yeah I think it does! My hormones are being rebellious at the moment too which doesn't help! Xx

  2. I really want to read Gone Girl.
    I'm all about PMA this year! xx

  3. I'm with you on the drink more! I'm so bad at forgetting and always have head aches! The rest sounds great - good luck! Xx