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Reading as part of our little routine

I will be honest... there are days when I find it extremely tricky to squeeze reading into our bedtime routine. Mainly because she has no set time of when she may need to go to bed, it all really varies on what Daisy has been doing in the day and how many naps she has had, and a few other factors thrown in too!

Her sleepiness can hit very quickly, and so its a case of bath, bottle and then flop! She often won't even make it to get her bottle. Other times bedtime is much more relaxed and she will want a little play after tea before her bath, a little book between bottle and bed. I always aim for around 6.30pm but it can be anywhere before or after depending on the day.

I think as she gets older and into more of a routine then reading will be too. Daisy was very lucky to get some lovely books for Christmas so she is getting quite the little collection going.

Recently we were also sent Baby's Big Box of little books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg to add to her little collection on her bookshelf from the lovelypeople at Puffin Publishers.

To start with it is so lovely to look at, really cute but also solid! And inside are 9 mini hard books all with different themes.

In the books on each page are sweet little illustrations and one word on each page for example in pets - Dog, cat, fish... I think these will be great for getting Daisy to associate words with items/ people etc. For now I find them a little odd to read at 8 months old, I prefer to actually read a story so she can listen and relax. These are more of a learning tool, which will certainly be handy in the coming months.

I did think these would make a perfect little gift for a baby shower or first birthday! You can get hold of one here.

Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx

We were gifted this item in return for an honest opinion

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