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Bump #2 Pregnancy diary: Weeks 4-10

So if all goes well you will be reading this by the time I am 12 weeks pregnant.

 I found out quite early on because I just didn't feel right and because we were planning for a baby I was probably looking out for the symptoms too. My symptoms started at around 4 weeks when I just felt Bleurgh! It is hard to describe but I just yuck. Not necessarily sick or vomiting and not exhausted but a mix of the two, just generally lethargic. i always tell people that have never had morning sickness or felt that way that basically it is a hangover!!! I also had those niggly, achey pains where it feels like your cycle is continuing but in fact it is just your body implanting that little set of cells into your uterus! 

We went on holiday to Italy shortly after and I did panic a little thinking if it was anything like my pregnancy with Daisy then I would be in for a rubbish holiday! And I risked ruining it for Daisy and Ben at the same time. Thankfully if I made sure I ate often then the yucky feelings stayed away. We had lots of rest so that helped too, the perks of a napping toddler! 

Unfortunately the sickness and nausea did arrive but not until around 7 weeks so I guess I should think myself slightly lucky, although I do feel like I need to say that I was still very grateful and still am to have this tiny little pea pod growing inside my tummy. I managed to keep the actual sickness under control with drinking plenty (not prosecco!) and nibbling lots, going to bed early and generally avoiding anything too strenuous or smelly!! What is it with pregnant ladies noses?? Like hound dogs!! But I really did forget how truly exhausting pregnancy is in those early days and with a toddler to chase after I'm sure it makes it that even more tricky. 

I have so much help available with looking after Daisy but making myself get up and do it myself, enjoying time with her so doing things like swimming lessons still really did help. It didn't feel like it at times, when I'm sat retching at the thought of having to cook her tea and  getting in the car to go somewhere when I'm feeling so naff but it really did help in those early days. And having her reminds me that it certainly is worth it! 

Picking her up from nursery really was the hardest part for me. Nurseries have a certain smell, it's not horrible by any means but there is a smell of some kind and for some reason it really didn't sit well with me. I usually pick up Daisy just after they have had lunch so it is probably that that left a funny old smell! I could feel myself turning green even at the thought of walking in, I'd sit in the car sucking a mint and giving myself a countdown to go in!!! The staff must have thought I was so rude because I couldn't get away quick enough!!

Other sympotms have included ligament pains, everytime I cough or sneeze my god I feel like I am tearing my body into pieces! I shout OWWWW every single time I have to sneeze! The pain is in your lower abdomen, almost where your legs attach! And you can feel the ligaments almost go ping! Ouch!

Other than that it has been the usual greasy lank hair, unpredictable skin, those really painful spots that never actually show their face and just sit annoying you like a bruise under your skin, sniffles and aches all over the place!

I will pop a little bump shot in here, but I really don't think there is one there just yet! I do feel bigger in an evening than I did with Daisy at this point but it really is difficult to compare. I didn't show properly until probably 18 - 20 weeks with her and even then I was never really huge until the last few weeks, and even then it wasn't huggggggggggge! So we shall see how this one goes!

Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx

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