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The BIG 30! Wishlist post (And Christmas!)

Well, I am in no way materialistic but I do love window shopping and sharing my finds with you.

 I have had people asking me if I would like anything for my birthday and the answer really is no, I don't need anything and really do think I am getting far too old for gifts now!

But if I really had lots of money and money was no option I wouldn't stop myself buying these!

Thomas Sabo Rose Gold, Love Bridge (Selfridges)
Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Bangle (Selfridges)
Touche Eclat Gift Set 
Whole Lotta Chubby Collection

River Island
River Island
River Island
River Island

Well that is it for now, I am sure there will be plenty more of these coming soon :)

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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