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Bump #2 Pregnancy diary: Weeks 21-23

Can you get your head around how quick these updates are flying around? I seriously can't! I have a feeling I will be saying that at the start of every post up until the end of my pregnancy. I am feeling quite content as a pregnant lady of 23 weeks at the moment.

 I generally feel well (albeit a bit pooped come an end of a day), am enjoying having my appetite back, have a nice rounded, lively little bump that isn't too uncomfortable yet and well I just feel quite good. I would be happy to pause the pregnancy and soak it all in for a month or so if I could at this stage! That way I could enjoy it, enjoy being a mummy to just Daisy for a little longer and just saviour the time a little. I don't have Bernards watch though so it will just fly by and soon I will be a slightly more chubby, uncomfortable, probably tired again, agitated big muma! But then on the bright side it does mean I will be getting those newborn snuggles before I know it!

To think I am over half way is crazy, we have too much to do before he comes such as find a place to put his belongings and create a place just for him, as in a cute little nursery. We may be mad but we have just started looking at making some amendments to our house, so where this will fit in I have no idea. Exciting but slightly bonkers seeing as though our family is about to grow in a matter of months!

I have started shopping for him now, and actually am going to stop for a little while (if I can!) until I at least have a cupboard to put them in for him! At the minute they're in a pile on my bedroom floor in plastic boxes, not ideal. But we will sort it!

In a few weeks we have a little holiday booked, well the time booked off at least. We were off to the Canaries for a week to get a bit of sunshine but time went on too fast and if I am really honest flying pregnant with a toddler in tow just wasn't making me feel all that excited. So we are now looking at a few days in Centre Parcs, just a lovely few days with Daisy & my husband, no pressures or stresses. Just fun! But that is in a few weeks yet sadly.

In terms of my ever expanding bump, it really is going pop! I have got to the stage where people are taking a double glance or coming out right and saying wow you got big! I really do not think I am big at all, yet! But I certainly have gone pop and am looking pretty pregnant now, rather than that chubby, bloated stage!

Movement is good now, he wriggles about at various intervals during the day and as before his favourite time of the day is just as I go to bed! I can see my tummy jumping about, twitching and starting to roll which I forgot how much I actually loved watching and feeling that!

In my last update I mentioned that sickness was slowly subsiding and I am happy to say it has probably been close to two weeks now since I was last sick - thank Goodness!!!! I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel and a little less gross!

Other than that the only real "symptom" I am feeling is a bit hormonal, well emotional I guess. I don't like to show my emotions really and I think that comes in the main from my day to day job as an account manager, it isn't the done thing to show emotions in that way and so i think I have kind of adopted it in my day to day life. Sometimes people have commented that I come across as I don't care but that isn't true, I just tend to think it through in my own head or go all out with my opinions. And sometimes my opinions may not be appreciated! I have gone off on a tangent a little, little distraction technique there! But yeah, I guess there have been days where I feel on the brink of tears, feel down and glum, mostly when I am tired or busy. But this is just part of pregnancy I guess!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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  1. Glad your sickness seems to have dissapeared! The best part of pregnancy is feeling an active baby in your belly! You are making me all broody!