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Creating bedtime habits (good ones)! #2

Not so long ago I wrote a post all about how I was attempting to change Daisy's bedtime habits for the good of us all. You can find that post here, but the short of it was that I was the first to admit I had molly cuddled her for a little while, but now was the time to get her in a habit of realising her bed is her own, it's Daisy's little safe place where she can snooze the night away happily.

In the last update she was pretty happy to go to bed on her own after a week or so, I say "night night", tuck her in and sat with her for 2/3 minutes. However in the night when she woke all hell broke loose! Headbutting of the headboard, everything stripped out of the cot and chucked out, you get the picture (If not just think of that scene in the exorcist and you'll begin to understand!!!)! It was difficult, it disrupted the whole house and just felt like we were losing a battle we would never, ever win!

Well, we have progress. Daisy will now wake in the night as she previously did but now will just call my name, I pop my head in and tuck her back in, she rolls over and doses back off. Winner! It is so much easier! I would absolutely love no wake up call at 2/3 am but hey you can't have everything can you?!

I would like to say it works every time but sadly she does wake at times at 4/5am and will roll back over but will just toss and turn and won't settle. She isn't upset but soon becomes fed up and moans a little. I often bring her into our bed then, and like before she will sleep merrily until 8-9am, however long we let her sleep for! I still have to wake her most days for nursery!

It is all a learning journey and hopefully one day soon she will sleep through every single night and we will have no disturbances but I genuinely think it will happen when it happens. She is not very old, going through lots of developmental phases, teething and a busy bee of a toddler so I don't expect it to be all hunky dory all of the time! I also have noticed she is beginning to understand fear a little, so maybe nightmares are playing on her mind? Who knows!

 I found a great website (click the link) which has hit it on the head for me "Many factors can lead to sleep problems. Toddlers' drive for independence and an increase in their motor, cognitive and social abilities can interfere with sleep. In addition, their ability to get out of bed, separation anxiety, the need for autonomy and the development of the child's imagination can lead to sleep problems."

My other thought is when do I know she is ready for a big girls bed? As you'll know we are expecting our second baby in early June and it would be lovely to use that cot and replace it in Daisy's room with a nice, little ladies bed. But maybe this will add more disturbance to her improving sleep patterns? Any thoughts?

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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  1. I'm very much looking forward to any replya u have on here, my 19montj old Olivia is much the same in her sleep pattern, also not helping she been in our room for past 6/12 while we found new house. House now found she will be in her own room eeekk! And we also due our second bubba (end may) and toying with idea of big girls bed, thou with so many changes at the min I think this one for us needs to wait a bit (inbeween moving house we have had to stay at my brothers for a week (currently in this situation!) so lots going on for her to deal with. Good luck with your night routine and new bubba in June :)