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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A trying week...

This has been a tricky week, probably one of the most difficult since having Daisy but most certainly the worst since being pregnant! 

We started the week with my midwife appointment and the usual blood tests etc, all of which I hate! I am a massive idiot when it comes to having my blood taken, sometimes I can handle it well and others, like this week, I throw up or actually pass out. Either way it's embarrassing and yep it happened, the former that is. Although I was seconds away from the latter too!! 

We then had a rough few days of Daisy being full of cold, feeling snotty myself and the third trimester tiredness creeping into me making me feel just yuck, to then get a call and be told my bloods had shown some deficiencies. It shouldn't have been a surprise really, I have felt drained, breathless at times and have appeared washed out and pale! Even though my diets pretty good I should have expected it this time around. 

So I'm on iron and folic acid (to help absorb iron) now, fingers crossed they bring me back to feeling more like myself soon! And maybe this is the reason I've been so prone to colds and sickness this past few months, and hopefully I can now get back to health!! I have to say it is so infuriating to go from 16 to 28/29 weeks with no midwife or tests to be then be told there's a problem that I may have been battling against for weeks!! But I won't complain too much about the NHS...

Daisy seemed to deteriorate by the day and what first appeared as a cold got much worse and we struggled to keep her temperature stable. The breaking point was one day when she was randomly sick and then it shot up to 41! No amount of calpol or nurofen was bringing it down and after a call to the doctors and a quick assessment they sent us on up to the hospital assessment centre. Here they tried to lower her temparure and find out what may be up with her to be causing it, other than her cold. Her ears were looking inflamed and her throat and potentially her chest weren't wonderful. They were hoping to give us antiobiotics and send us on our way back home to bed but they just couldn't stabilise her temperature so we were admitted into another hospital with her for further tests and observations. 

It was a long night, tests all night, chest x rays, blood tests, canulas going in, SATS, we were all worn out! But finally after what felt like an age we were told that the X-ray had showed possible pneumonia as well as the usual symptoms of an infection showing up in her bloods etc, but nothing too sinister. Which was a massive relief after they had taken cultures to be sent off to check for some really frightening things like meningitis etc, as a precaution because she had some strange symptoms such as small pin prick type rash around her ears and neck. 

Once they started pumping her with antiobiotics she bounced back pretty quickly and was back to her bossy old self, tired but I'm not sure she was as worn out as her mum and dad!!! Two nights on a camp bed in a noisy children's centre does no wonders to a 30 weeks pregnant muma! But thankfully Daisy was brighter and finally on day 3, we took her home with a bottle of magic stuff to make her feel better! 

We came home and have just slept, Daisy had a mammoth nap and then went back to bed with me shortly after and I expect enjoyed a full nights sleep without being prodded and poked at every few hours!! Sadly my cold and sinuses seem to think it's now safe to expose themselves and I am now struggling, it's as if they restrained themselves for a days and then bang! You are home now, so here you go! Lovely! So I think a nice quiet Easter weekend is definitely on the agenda. 

A bit of a different kind of update for my 29-30 weeks progress but hopefully it will get better now :) 

Hayley & Daisy xxxx

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