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Bump #2 Pregnancy diary: Weeks 24-27

Hello third trimester!!!!

Here goes, the home stretch now... and to celebrate the sickness and nausea has returned. Just what I wanted to wake up to! I am really hoping this is just a little blip rather than having the dreaded morning sickness back, that is really not what I need for our week away at all.

I have suddenly started to become tired and heavy, I guess it is expected this far into your pregnancy but I think I may have been a bit oblivious to how tricky it would be to work and have a toddler to run around after too. It really isn't helping that pregnancy induced insomnia has struck me this week too. I have had 3 nights in a row now where I am not sure if I have slept for longer than an hour, this could actually be why I am so sick today too thinking about it. I am not someone who suffers with sleep in day to day life, I can switch off easily, sleep all night without waking and have no problems but I remember this happening in my last pregnancy too. I am finding it so frustrating because I really am worn out!

We are off to Centre Parcs this week for a bit of a break so that should be nice to get away, hopefully no more vomiting!! And much more sleep!

Some of the babies movements have started to make me wince a little, I feel he must be starting to get quite tight in his little home, which is quite worrying when he still has over 10 weeks left to cook! I am expecting him to be bigger than his sister was! Although looking back over old pregnancy updates I was reminded I did feel similar with Daisy, all be it a few weeks later.

His hiccups have become a daily trick of his and I am starting to think he may well be head down as I am now feeling these low down, sometimes right between my legs! Where as in my last update I mentioned I could feel it anywhere from my ribs to my hips, so possibly he has wriggled on down to where he needs to go eventually.

I see the midwife next week and so hopefully she will be able to tell me where he is lay and hopefully measure me so I can how big I am in terms of fundal height measurements! It feels a really long time since I last saw anyone, I still can't quite believe how long they leave you without any care of visits in your second pregnancy if all is well.

We have started to get somewhere with names now and have a little list of a few we like, when I say little it really is small! But hopefully one of them will suit this little boy, otherwise he may remain nameless! Watch this space...

I said this last time but I really need to start sorting things for him, I have the important bits like a bed, car seat, pram etc because I'll be using what I had with Daisy but I still need to sort bottles, bedding, clothes etc

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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