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My Top Tips For Flying When Pregnant

Before we had Daisy we went on a last minute trip to get some sun, Cue Fuerteventura post here. We also then went to Italy when I pregnant with Alex, it was early days this time, I was much rounder when we went to the Canaries. I thought I would share some tips with you on how I believe you can make the flight that little more comfortable for yourself.

6 months pregnant

I think there are a few things you need to ask yourself and things you need to consider when flying with a baby on board (in your bump!):

 1. How long do you think you can bare to fly for? 

Be realistic here, what is your usual flight time limit and then I would suggest half it! Your body is working far harden than usual and you do need to rest and not out yourself through too much if you're going to enjoy your holiday. I was 6 months pregnant with my eldest daughter when we flew to the canaries and just 6/7 weeks when we went to Italy. We chose a relatively short flight time destination. I can’t tell you I was comfortable for the whole trip but it really wasn't too awful, although i do believe 4 hours would be my limit. We were considering Mexico or somewhere more far flung but I wouldn't have managed.

2. What are you going to wear to make sure you're comfortable and cool enough?

I always struggle to feel like I am dressed nicely when travelling, I always feel a bit slobby but I guess comfortable. When pregnant having comfy clothes are a necessity. For me it was leggings, a nice soft Tshirt with a slouchy cardigan that was easy to take off and I always take a large scarf for those times when the aircon gets a bit too chilly so you can snuggle up. I lived in maternity jeans but I think even those when flying could be a little restrictive.

3. Snack Supplies

You need to keep hydrated most of all, so I always take a big bottle of water to sip my way thorugh when flying. I found when pregnant that I often needed to eat little and often to keep me going through the day, so things like fruit or crisps can make all the difference.

4. Keep Moving

Get up and walk about as often as you can.Sitting with a bump on what feels like your lap can make you super achey and you do need to remember that you are at risk of DVT, so have little walks about, wiggle your toes, that kind of thing.

5. Take Wipes/ tissues 

I was unfortunate enough to be poorly flying back when 6 months pregnant. Think projectile vomit, filthy wet clothes and having to ask other passengers and the air hostesses for wipes or flannels or anything to freshen myself up with. Yes, disgusting. I survived but I won't travel without a "clean me up" pack again.

Do you have anything to add?

Hayley x

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