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CBeebies Land Hotel Review

Recently we were lucky enough to visit the brand new CBeebies Land Hotel as part of a press trip with Konfidence. I thought I would share with you our experience and what we thought of our stay.

CBeebies Land Hotel

We stayed in A Something Special room, which is a Mr Tumble themed room. There are a few options to choose from including just generic CBeebies Bug rooms. They all look pretty spectacular when you look at other peoples reviews and photos to be honest, so i wouldn't have minded which we got put in.

CBeebies Land Hotel Review

When we first walked into the hotel Daisy was so excited and if I am really honest, so was I. There was so much going on. It was really bright, colourful and noisy! There was like a mini village decorating the walls with shops, doorbells etc to interact with. Our favourite touch was the toddler sized tunnel entrance to the gift store! Our kids played in it for quite some time!!!

Every part of the hotel took into account that it was there for accommodating children, even down to the check in desk which had steps up to it so they could help check us in too! I saw an article in the Telegraph describing the place as Vegas for Kids, and they're not far from the truth! You really do need to lead any snobbery you may have or judgement of this kid of place in your car, you will have to go with the flow of it all be left a little over/ under whelmed, which ever way you want to look at it!

Our room was well kitted out. It had a travel cot, mini fridge, bottle warmer, 3 beds for children (including one that pulled out under the bunks in case you had any wobbly toddlers who may fall out of bed like us!), a step for the toilet, a toilet seat built in etc. The list goes on.  As you walk in to the bedroom, you have the kids area to the left in its own separate part of the room to the master bed. Which is refreshing!

The hotel is pricey, there is no denying that and no hiding it either. Would I pay the hefty price tag to go again? I am undecided. I thought it was brilliant, Daisy loved it and so did Alex. The hotel was fab and I think as time goes on and the staff settle into their roles etc and the parks all integrate with one another a little more then it will be seamless. But it is a lot of money at the end of the day and you could do a lot with just shy of £300 for one night!!

There is ongoing entertainment for the kids with live shows, characters walking about, an Ubercorn disco to name a few so you will never be bored. We were busy in the water park and the theme park (see post here for Cbbeebies Land) so didn't see to much of it but Daisy was pleased to meet Bing one morning and dance with Ubercorn at the disco for a while.

The Windmill Restaurant is where you would eat within the hotel. It was styled bright and colourful again, plenty to look at and one nice thing is that they don’t have a separate kids’ menu, each dish just comes in different sizes. For example you could all choose the same dish, have a small person size, adult size or a family sharing platter. Some of them have 10 different vegetables hidden in them. But if I am completely honest I was a little underwhelmed with the food, and I don't think we were alone. It was just a bit bland, I am all for being healthy but I do still think it could be tastier. Especially for what you pay. But we were not there for the food so I can overlook that.

I have pulled together a video of our time at the park. You can find it here...

Hayley x

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