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Ever Heard of a Yoomi Bottle? | Is a Yoomi Worth The Money?

No, neither had I! Until I stumbled across one in Toys R'us one day. I actually stumbled across it when I had not long had Daisy and was trying desperately for her to take a bottle and wean her off the boob!

When I opened the Yoomi bottle in the box I was intrigued, it's a stumpy very round bottle that looks super modern and slightly unusual with it's bright yellow neck. I popped it away as it was only a small size and thought I might get to use it one day but Daisy tends to have slightly bigger bottles now and to be honest we've got enough kicking around.But when she did get around to using it I loved it and then went a bought a larger sized one, which has lasted so well that we now use it for Alex too.

Source: Yoomi
Source: Yoomi

Although I was intrigued by the Yoomi and that is what made me purchase it, to be honest (as ever) I put off getting it out of the box and setting it up for a little while as it looked like it needed some concentration to get it working, and I really couldn't be bothered. But actually it was pretty simple really, I should have just done it sooner.

Instructions are simple, pop the heating element into it's pod case and microwave, shake, microwave again, shake again and ta daaa!! The timings are quite specific but you can read that on the box easily enough. You then put the element bit under the neck of the teat and screw the bottle on, it fits quite easily. Then you just press the little red button through the teat and it will start to heat nicely, then when the milk is drawn through it when baby is drinking it heats it nicely, to breast milk temperature according to the packaging.

I did think at first it was a bit gimmicky but when you are and about its so easy!

10/10 for me!!!

Hayey x


  1. What a unique product and one that will be so helpful for parents that need to heat bottles up! I'm currently breastfeeding, but will be introducing a bottle pretty soon. I'll have a look at these!

  2. Wow this looks amazing. I had never heard of them before but what a clever idea!