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Keeping Your Family Safe Abroad, My Top Tips*

We love to travel with our children, I often share tips and stories of our holidays on here. I thought it was probably time I mentioned how we try to keep everyone safe and well on holiday. 

Menorca with children

We all know that having an accident abroad can be expensive and for lots of families, it’s a big worry not only at the time but also when you get back and you are faced with covering the potentially whopping bills. 

So I thought I would share this infographic from Netvoucher codes about the cost of medical treatment abroad as a reminder to have insurance, anything we can do to prevent those huge numbers can only be a good thing surely. 

Keeping Your Family Safe Abroad, My Top Tips*
When I saw that 25% of people travel without insurance it actually really surprised me, although it is one of the last things we tick off the list when we go its always something we do. We actually get annual coverage so that we are always covered, especially as we can often go last minute and several times during the year. 

I was reading some of these stats out to Ben and just couldn't stop once i had started, every single one surprised me! 

As well as having travel insurance for covering those eventualities that just can't be helped my top tips are also below:

(1) Food - Food poisoning is a big one. We always make sure we check out any establishment we eat at, is it clean and well presented, a good indication of the hygiene is often the toilets or bins around the restaurant. I may be a little on edge with these things but it pays off usually. 

(2) Sun exposure. Having had heat stroke as a child, well a teenager, it panics me the thought of having it again. And it really does make me paranoid when it comes to the children too. They always have their hats on, as best as I can force them to anyway (we all know what babies like!), they always have time in the shade to cool down and relax and lots and lots of fluids. 

(3) Play areas. I am a paranoid mother. I am not ashamed of it either or embarrassed, why would I be when you see these stats? I am not going to let my babies play in risky play areas or dodgy ride ons when I have seen what can help on them. I have bad memories of a child having a nasty accident on one a few years ago (pre children for us) and it left me mentally scared, at the time I was so horrified I fainted!!! Not good. Anyway, keeping children away from danger is an obvious tip I am sure. 

Do you have any to add?

Hayley x

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  1. I can't remember if we had a travel insurance when we went to Spain last year but our health insurance is covered abroad in Europe.

  2. Very useful tips thanks for sharing