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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Splash Landings With Konfidence*

A few weeks ago we visited Splash Landings at Alton Towers with Konfidence as part of their Swimologist programme to test out the Konfidence Swim Jacket.

Splash Landings With Konfidence*

It is somewhere I have often thought about visiting but just never got around to. We were not disappointed it was fantastic, something for everyone. They had slides and attractions for all ages and Daisy was able to roam about freely and safely with her jacket on.

The jacket gives not only Daisy confidence knowing that she has that little bit of flotation if she needs it (we have removed half of the floats now so it is not completely buoyant now as she can swim) but also us knowing that she has that extra support, keeping her safe. Of course we would never leave her alone anyway but every little helps.

I have shared a post previously all about the jacket, that goes in to a lot of detail here. We use it weekly in our swim lessons and have been on a few trips with it now, and we wouldn't be without it.

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So on to a little more about the waterpark.

Firstly we did think it opened quite late - 10am. Staying at the hotel we were there early and with children, well they get up early, we had quite a long time to wait and so ventured to the theme park for the morning instead. It is a shame really because I wanted to spend as much time there as we could, I also wanted to take lots of photo and video footage to share with you all before it got busy but sadly we couldn't wait until it closed to do that (that is when the manager offered us time to go and do this) as we had to leave and the day earlier the children didn't quite have the staying power we hoped for, neither did I to be honest. We were pooped!

The park has heated indoor and outdoor pools, which were great and a hit with all of us, even if it was chilly outside in the typical British summer time! They also had a toddler pool and a main pool that included  ‘lazy river’ where we could float on inflatable rings. This was Daisy's favourite spot, it was full of buckets emptying on your head, waterfalls, sprays etc. It just demonstrated how comfortable she is in the water, if I am honest more at home than I am in there!

It wasn't quite the school holidays but the water park was still really busy and quite loud. I expect it would be pretty manic in the summer holidays and maybe a little too chaotic for us. With Daisy wanting so much independence it would worry me a little bit, even if she can swim and has her jacket for a bit of aid.

Have you been?

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  1. I didn't know the Alton Towers had a water park (this being said I've never been to Alton Towers) - maybe next summer now